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Flexeserve is a hot-holding solution for businesses of every size

Whether you’re a global chain or a single-location business, with our unique true hot-holding solution, we can optimise and support your hot food-to-go operation.

We believe that every food-to-go business should be able to experience the benefits of our hot air recirculation technology and expertise. After all, Flexeserve heated units deliver the same true hot-holding solution, no matter your size or sector.

Flexeserve helps independents achieve true hot-holding

We offer the exact same support to every customer. Regardless of the scale of your operation, Flexeserve can assist you with the entire journey, from a blank page to the creation of a broad hot food range built on true hot-holding.

Flexeserve Solution, our holistic approach to developing such an offer, covers the FIVE key elements of true hot-holding – your food products, cook method, packaging, in-store service and our unique technology.

In fact, this service is vital for smaller operations, where customers often lack access to the resources and expertise to develop food products in-house. We can help with this because we don’t just manufacture industry-leading hot-holding equipment, we deliver an all-encompassing service too.

“Honestly, the difference it has made has been remarkable. We’ve significantly reduced the waste from our hot food-to-go operation because food stays at a consistent quality for several hours.”

Paul Condliffe, site manager for Wardle Service Station

A unit for every need

We’ve developed the range of Flexeserve hot-holding units to address all the requirements of the industry. That’s why we can offer a true hot-holding solution for all premises and purposes:

  • Flexeserve Zone: the only range of heated displays capable of true hot-holding multiple products with different temperature requirements in one unit.
  • Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed: all of the compelling benefits of Flexeserve Zone with the added convenience of restocking from behind the counter.
  • Flexeserve Hub: a high-capacity, versatile unit that can hot-hold large quantities of packaged food, designed for both front and back-of-house operations – ideal for staging hot food orders awaiting purchase, pickup or delivery.

Warwick Wakefield, Customer Experience Director for Flexeserve, recently caught up with one of our independent customers. Wardle Service Station & Country Store forms part of family business, HJ Lea Oakes and is located on the busy A51 Nantwich Road in Cheshire. Paul Condliffe, site manager for Wardle Service Station, told us how Flexeserve products have increased sales of the location’s hot food-to-go.

Wardle's hot-holding solution, a Flexeserve Zone 2 Tier - Countertop, Model 1000, hot food-to-go unit at Wardle Service Station

Why did you approach Flexeserve?

“For years, we had been using direct heat food warmers for our hot food-to-go, and they had always delivered disappointing results. The quality of the food would deteriorate so quickly that, within an hour, pasties would dry out and bread baps would go hard. It was frustrating.

“Not only that, but this equipment was not self-service. A member of staff would have to serve every product our customers wanted, whilst also cooking up new batches.

“This solution had seemed to be our only option, but when one of our direct food warmers became faulty, we decided to explore what was available. We were looking for a hot-holding unit that would maintain food quality for longer, free up our staff for other work and enable us to expand our product range. That’s when we discovered the technology of Flexeserve.”

How did Flexeserve help you?

“Firstly, Billy Eatenton [Sales Manager – UK & Ireland] came to visit the station. We discussed our requirements at length, and then he looked at the space we were working with, to offer the best advice.

“Billy recommended we install a Flexeserve Zone 2 Tier – Countertop, Model 1000. This would allow us to set multiple zone temperatures, as per our products’ different temperature requirements. Soon after, we received the quote for the unit, and we decided to go ahead.

“In terms of support, Flexeserve have been incredibly helpful. Firstly, they designed the branding for our new Flexeserve Zone unit, to maximise its impact. They also recommended a packaging supplier that their own team uses to ensure the quality of hot food. We were so happy with the results from the supplier, that we now use them exclusively for our packaging requirements.”

A range of hot pastries including a sausage roll and a bacon and cheese wrap all suitable for Flexeserve's hot-holding solution

What has Flexeserve done for your business?

“Honestly, the difference it has made has been remarkable. We’ve significantly reduced the waste from our hot food-to-go operation because food stays at a consistent quality for several hours.

“We have also found that, because the Flexeserve Zone unit is open-fronted and well-lit, customers are drawn to it – and to our hot food-to-go offering. As a result, we’re finding that more customers are buying multiple hot food items, because they can see what’s on offer. To put this into context, our sales of pasties alone have increased from c.160 pasties per week to about 250.

“We were so impressed by the benefits this unit made that, soon after, we made the decision to purchase a second one, so that we could have two side-by-side. With this additional investment, we can further increase the visual impact of our hot food and expand our product range.”

Is there anything else you would say about Flexeserve?

“The team has been fantastic to work with – helping us with packaging, branding and enabling us to make the most of these units. They’ve also been really responsive, getting back to us quickly on any queries we have, such as the temperature requirements of different products.

“We are now looking to buy a third unit from Flexeserve – the returns we’re seeing make them a smart purchase.”

How Flexeserve can help you

Warwick Wakefield concluded: “Feedback from operators like Paul is so beneficial because it helps us continue to refine our Flexeserve Solution to meet the needs of all our customers.”

Flexeserve receives enquiries from a broad spectrum of businesses – from a chain of 2,500 quick-service restaurants in the U.S. to an independent in the Orkney Islands. We offer all of them the exact same help.

Whatever your size, Flexeserve can help you solve problems and create opportunities. We help develop new products and even whole new menus that inspire consumers. Not only that, but our expertise can also reduce your dependence on single-use plastics and increase food security, helping make your foodservice operations more COVID-secure.

For more information about Flexeserve products and services, and how they can help transform your hot food business, please get in touch.

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