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Flexeserve's unique hot air recirculation technology

Flexeserve Zone – award winner

Flexeserve Zone is the world-leading heated display and the only unit capable of hot-holding food-to-go products with different temperature requirements at the same time.

The patented unit creates a consistent air temperature throughout each shelf, which can be individually controlled. This unlocks new opportunities for major operators to expand product ranges, achieve unrivalled hold times and reduce food waste, whilst maintaining excellent food quality – for the best possible customer experience.

Bacon roll being hot-held for 4 hours in Flexeserve Zone compared with competitor heated display
[Left] bacon roll held for 4 hours in Flexeserve Zone; [right] bacon roll held for 4 hours in a competitor unit
Flexeserve Zone can be found in a range of foodservice operators – large and small – in the UK and globally, including Pret A Manger, Greggs, M&S, Sainsburys, Circle K and Amazon Go – to name a few.

Our unique technology

Flexeserve Zone utilises our unique hot air recirculation technology. This ensures a constant flow of hot air that surrounds hot food products – ensuring they maintain an optimum, consistent temperature throughout.

American-style takeaway food that has been hot-held in Flexeserve Zone

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