Supersize your countertop capacity with our NEW Flexeserve Zone Xtra

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Countertop capacity ... SUPERSIZED

Serve 80% more at the counter

Introducing Flexeserve Zone Xtra, the latest product in our industry-leading, award-winning range. With the largest capacity for a countertop heated display, Xtra gives operators 80% more merchandising space.

Supported by our patented hot air recirculation technology, you can sell more amazing hot food at just-cooked quality – direct from the counter. As well as 2 Tier, Xtra also brings true hot-holding for the first time to a 1 Tier range, making hot food accessible to even the smallest of locations.

Elevate your merchandising

Xtra capacity

Greater efficiencies

Xtra visibility

Wider food variety

Increased availability

Reduced restocking

Upgrade your hot food operation

Xtra has been specifically developed in response to operator needs and the growing demand for even more high-quality hot food-to-go.

With two multi-temperature zones and a new innovative range of premium-feel accessories, you can display more of your incredible hot food at the counter. Now cook in larger batches and sell from Xtra at optimal quality, with extended shelf life throughout every daypart.

Pioneering technology

We’ve pushed the boundaries with Flexeserve Zone Xtra to grow the height of each individual zone as much as possible, increasing the unit’s overall capacity for hot-holding.

With Xtra, we’ve created the largest air curtain possible for a countertop heated display and designed a bespoke mezzanine accessory that’s stepped back in the unit to streamline airflow and maximize food visibility. This accommodates an additional level of merchandising, as well as tall items, such as delivery bags and meals to share.

Each zone within Xtra is equipped with our award-winning 3D hot air technology, delivering convection heat – the only way to keep food at optimum temperature whilst maintaining just-cooked quality.


Take full advantage of your entire merchandising space and display a wider variety of hot food with our premium-feel accessories. From merchandising trays and racks to angled inserts and dividers, you can tailor your Flexeserve Zone Xtra to your specific hot-holding operation.

Designed to be interchangeable and compatible with one another, our accessories fit seamlessly into the unit, increasing operator efficiencies and enabling you to batch cook, load once and restock less.


Empowering retailers with both capacity and connectivity, Xtra comes Connect-ready, incorporating the world’s first cloud-based service for hot-holding.

With Connect, you can control and automate your units remotely, access real-time performance data and optimize your entire hot-holding estate. Powered by Connect, you can sell even more and waste even less – at every location.

Stack it your way

Xtra brings flexibility to your hot food-to-go operation, allowing you to stack everything from sharing cups to buckets and family meals. You can now stack up to 5x and still maintain consistent temperature and amazing food quality.

Achieve more with XTRA

With the same small footprint and power supply as our award-winning, standard Countertop, Xtra helps you achieve total operational efficiency, with less energy used per item and less pressure on busy teams.

From express grab-and-go, cafés, cinemas and forecourts to arenas, stadiums, universities and colleges – make your venues a hot food destination with Xtra.

Flexeserve Solution

The industry’s only hot-holding service, Flexeserve Solution enables you to exceed your hot food goals efficiently, sustainably and profitably. Our team of hot food experts will help you develop an optimized hot food program and achieve the best experience for your customers.

See your hot-holding operation like never before with the world’s first cloud-based service for hot-holding. Streamline processes, support your in-store teams with a tailored hot food program and achieve total operational efficiency across your entire estate.

Winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2022, Flexeserve Zone is the best heated display in the world. Our range of multi-temp hot-holding units has revolutionized hot food operations and changed the way people eat around the world.

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