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Welcome to Southlake

The Home of Hot-holding for the Americas

Helping retailers and foodservice operators sell more and waste less across the Americas, our state-of-the-art U.S. HQ and CSC (Culinary Support Center) is situated in Southlake (Dallas), TX.

In addition to our extensive showroom, our cutting-edge CSC is fully equipped with a modern ventless cookline and a large food preparation area for collaborating with customer food development teams.

Conveniently located just 10 minutes’ drive from DFW Airport, our facility is ready for you and your teams to use.

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World-leading facilities

Our U.S.-based facilities incorporate the latest digital technologies to support both in-person and remote collaboration, enabling you to recreate in-store environments, front and back-of-house, to refine recipes, menus and entire grab-and-go programmes, wherever you’re based.

Flexeserve Solution

Here, you can access a vast array of expertise across every element of foodservice, from culinary and packaging, to technical and implementation, helping you achieve your hot food goals efficiently, sustainably and profitably with Flexeserve Solution, the industry’s only hot-holding service.

Exceeding customer expectations

Whether you’re a major brand or independent retailer, with our state-of-the-art facilities and world-leading hot food experts, we can help you achieve the same level of just-cooked quality in-store, hot-held for hours not minutes.

Changing the game

From our U.S. HQ and CSC to our Global HQ and lean manufacturing facilities in the UK, we serve customers throughout the world. With over 25 years’ research and development within heated displays and hot food merchandising, we’re the world’s leading hot-holding manufacturer and food-to-go specialist. To learn more about us, click here.

Discover what’s possible

Our facilities are a symbol of innovation, passion and dedication to solving challenges for customers and finding new ways to push the boundaries of the foodservice industry. If you want to transform how you make, display and serve hot food, get in touch to arrange a visit and see all we’ve made available to you.

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