How do you keep a croissant crisp? Muffins and brioche soft and springy? Poached eggs runny? Soup and gravy that won’t develop a skin? Rice and porridge that maintains its texture?

Products with multiple components, such as stew with mashed potato, curry and rice, or creamy mac and cheese, will hold true and consistent within the Flexeserve Zone® unit.

And then the ultimate challenge for hot-held food, French fries and pizza, stay fresh and crisp for longer.

The capabilities of Flexeserve Zone® are unrivalled.

Each product has its own optimum conditions for maintaining both food quality and temperature. Our constant investment into research within our field gives us an unparalleled understanding of hot-holding, allowing us to create the optimum conditions for our customers’ product lines. By developing a truly unique and patented flexible hot-holding solution we have greatly improved the world of hot food-to-go.

The technology we have developed in Flexeserve Zone® enables you to hot-hold a wider variety of food that will keep your customers returning. You can serve products across all day parts using multiple temperature regimes, in different zones. This capability allows our customers to serve products suitable for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and sweet treats throughout the day.

Our patented technology gives us the confidence to surpass any hot-holding times of our competitors. Our team is continually researching and developing hot-holding technology, maintaining Flexeserve Zone® at the forefront of the hot-hold industry. We understand that true hot-holding is not just about temperature alone. It is actually as important to retain moisture within products to keep them stable. Flexeserve Zone® is capable of doing this whilst also retaining the perfect texture, flavour and product integrity, allowing customers to experience the highest quality food, as it should be served.

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