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Innovation and expansion: Flexeserve’s 2023 in review

Flexeserve, world leader in hot-holding and food-to-go, changed the game again in 2023, helping customers transform their hot food at every location, around the world.

In 2023, Flexeserve pursued its mission to advance the world of food-to-go with the opening of its state-of-the-art U.S. HQ and Culinary Support Center (CSC), the launch of new products and the unveiling of Connect by Flexeserve – the world’s first cloud-based service for hot-holding.

Global CEO, Jamie Joyce, said: “2023 has been a phenomenal year for Flexeserve and the customers we support. The year saw two major milestones in our journey – the presentation of our Queen’s Award for Innovation and our Grand Opening in Southlake, Texas to enhance our support across the Americas.

“Thanks to the work of every Partner at Flexeserve, we’ve achieved incredible results for our customers – helping them sell more and waste less.”

A truly global business

For the opening of its U.S. HQ, Flexeserve welcomed over 150 customers, reps and authorised dealers, as well as special guests and industry partners to a dedicated Inspiration and Celebration Day. On 24th August 2023, Flexeserve showcased the new facility, including cutting-edge CSC, extensive showroom and fully equipped studio and training facility.

3 photos of Flexeserve Inc's U.S. HQ and Culinary Support Centre
Flexeserve Inc’s U.S. HQ and Culinary Support Centre

Over the last 12 months, the business has built an extensive network of reps and authorised dealers that can now access a team of U.S.-based experts and this fantastic new facility to support customers throughout North America.

Flexeserve has also progressed its strategy for EMEA markets, welcoming prominent foodservice equipment distributors, aligned with its mission, to a global network for The Home of Hot-holding.

All of this enables Flexeserve to deliver the world’s only hot-holding service, Flexeserve Solution, which helps customers get the most out of their hot food programmes.

The evolution of Flexeserve Solution

This year, Flexeserve unveiled the latest version of the world’s only hot-holding service, Flexeserve Solution – expanding how it works as a partner to major foodservice brands. Delivered by its unique team of world-leading hot food experts, Flexeserve Solution comprises six key elements: Technology, Food, Culinary, Packaging, Implement and Connect. The team guides customers through this journey to refine and transform their hot food and embrace true hot-holding sustainably, efficiently and profitably.

The wheel of the evolved Flexeserve Solution launched in 2023
The wheel of the evolved Flexeserve Solution launched in 2023

The addition of Connect by Flexeserve takes this service to the next level. Connect, winner of a Gold Innovation Challenge award, is the first cloud-based technology for hot-holding, enabling you to see your entire hot food operation like never before. Providing the ability to remotely access and automate your Flexeserve products, Connect allows you to set temperatures, schedule dayparts and track shelf-life. With this, you can maximise food quality and deliver total operational efficiency – at every location.

Flying the Flexeserve flag in 2023

2023 has been a huge year for exhibitions for Flexeserve, with the team showcasing how to sell more and waste less at events such as EuroShop in Düsseldorf, NACS in Atlanta, NAFEM in Florida, lunch! in London and HostMilano in Milan.

Warwick Wakefield, Director of Customer Experience, said: “Events are such an important part of our business, and this year has been incredible for advancing the world of food-to-go. At these exhibitions, we’ve been addressing the pain points of a wide range of operators across the globe and unveiling our latest innovations.”

These face-to-face opportunities enable Flexeserve to demonstrate its unique equipment and expertise, and understand the needs of the customer.

Flexeserve's 2023 exhibition stand at HostMilano 2023
Flexeserve’s 2023 exhibition stand at HostMilano 2023

Throughout the year, Flexeserve has also used these exhibitions to put its latest, Connect-ready innovations in the spotlight, including:

  • Flexeserve Zone Xtra: unlocking higher capacity at the counter for total operational efficiency
  • Flexeserve Hub Undercounter: delivering high capacity hot-holding under the counter
  • Flexeserve Zone 4 Tier Rear Feed: creating new levels of efficiency for your team with restocking from behind the counter

Awards and advancing the business

The year saw Flexeserve presented with its Queen’s Award for Innovation at its global HQ in Hinckley by the Lord-Lieutenant of Leicestershire in a momentous occasion attended by all Partners (employees). In addition, Flexeserve won ‘Business of the Year’ and the ‘Global Britain Award’ at the LeicestershireLive Business Awards 2023, recognising a range of Flexeserve’s commitments and achievements.

Flexeserve's award presentations for the Queen's Award for Innovation 2022, LeicestershireLive Business Awards 2023 and lunch! Show Gold Innovation Award
Flexeserve’s award presentations for the Queen’s Award for Innovation 2022, LeicestershireLive Business Awards 2023 and lunch! Show Gold Innovation Award

This year, Flexeserve has redesigned its manufacturing flow with custom, state-of-the-art, semi-automated production lines and Lean manufacturing principles. This has maximised team efficiency, increasing Flexeserve’s output capacity to accommodate sales demand.

Flexeserve has also enhanced sustainability, by limiting use of plastics and removing 53% of its gas and 37% of its electricity reliance. This forms part of Flexeserve’s strategy to achieving net zero by 2030.

In addition, the business has also committed significant resources to its development as an employer, enhancing the support it provides its Partners. Flexeserve has become an accredited Living Wage Employer, appointed a Head of People to drive new Partner initiatives, introduced industry-leading benefits and created team facilities that enhance wellbeing and provide an empowering, social and collaborative environment.

Flexeserve team members next to the new semi-automated production lines
Flexeserve team members next to the new semi-automated production lines

What’s ahead

Jamie concluded: “We are excited to drive growth and sustainability through strategies that align with our values. These help us continue to evolve how we support both our customers and our Partners. Flexeserve is dedicated to advancing the world of food-to-go and these words grow in meaning, as we continue to innovate and develop our global presence.”

For more information about Flexeserve and how we can help you sell more and waste less, please contact us.

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