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A range of great tasting hot food-to-go that has been possible with Flexeserve's true hot-holding

Changing the game

The story of your hot-holding partner

Want to sell more and waste less? With our unique equipment and expertise, we help you do just that. Flexeserve is the world’s leading hot-holding manufacturer and hot food-to-go specialist, partnering with and supporting global retailers and independent outlets.

We are a pioneering, employee-owned business with 25 years of research and development within the heated displays and hot food merchandising market. With help from our incredible sales network, our 100-strong team operates from the UK and U.S. to serve customers around the world.

Our values

We show passion,
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Our units are the most energy efficient in the industry and we lead in driving sustainability. We measurably reduce our carbon footprint through multiple initiatives, working towards net zero by 2030.


We are employee-owned. All Partners are empowered to effect change and drive our success. Our Board of Management’s structure supports growth, enhances governance and enables us to be agile.


We drive our diversity through recruitment, promotion and nurturing talent. We support and share skills with the community and we invest in facilities, services and culture to enhance team wellbeing.

Flexeserve hot-holding units being manufactured in our highly efficient Lean manufacturing facility

Our Lean facility can deliver 60,000 of the best quality hot-holding units every year.

How we manufacture

Together we advance the world of food-to-go.

Flexeserve's industry leading range of units - Flexeserve Hub, Flexeserve Zone and Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed
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Flexeserve Solution

Our experts in technology, food, culinary, packaging and in-store implementation can refine your hot food operation. We have evolved Flexeserve Solution, the industry’s only hot-holding service, to help you embrace true hot-holding smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

Discover Flexeserve Solution

Expertise. Heritage. Innovation.

Kitchen team utilizing Flexeserve Hub high capacity hot-holding unit


We never stop innovating to help you sell more and waste less. Our latest range of units, high capacity Flexeserve Hub is revolutionising front and back-of-house. Plus our new cloud service, Connect is about to take hot food operations to the next level, helping you change the game in every location.

Flexeserve's experts delivering Flexeserve Solution, the industry's only answer to achieving an optimized hot food operation


Taking a giant leap, we recognised that the best results require more than equipment. We built a team of the world’s leading hot food experts to create the only hot-holding service. We continue to evolve Flexeserve Solution to help you transform your hot food operations efficiently, sustainably and profitably.

The industry's leading hot-holding unit, Flexeserve Zone, which won the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2022


The groundbreaking Flexeserve Zone, advances the world of food-to-go. The ‘first and still the best’, it’s the only hot-holding unit that accurately holds products at different temperatures. This has opened up game-changing opportunities for operators and earned us our second Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2022.

A collage of images demonstrating Flexeserve Zone's hot-holding applications


We’d been ahead of our time for a while, but operators now began to understand the difference between our technology and other methods of hot-holding. We started changing the way people eat hot food, around the world – working with supermarkets to improve quality and efficiency.

A TurboServe hot-holding unit in Morrisons in the 1990s


We discovered convection was the only way to keep food at optimum quality and temperature. Our hot air recirculation technology was designed for our first hot-holding unit, Turboserve, which directly responded to the industry’s developing needs. It would achieve our first Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2005.

A collage of images of Flexeserve's Founder, Alan Nuttall who pioneered self service retail in the UK

Pre 1990s

Our Founder, Alan Nuttall, created his business in 1966 and everything we do benefits from our deep heritage and his impeccable vision. Alan pioneered self-service retail in the UK, and this has been part of our DNA ever since – driving many of our key innovations.

What does all this mean for you?

You can sell more and waste less. With Flexeserve, you can improve the profitability of your hot food operation and deliver excellent food quality to your customers. This is all whilst achieving greater sustainability – with enhanced energy efficiency and reduced food waste.

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