Our customers all share one passion

To serve hot food-to-go as fresh as the moment it was made.

Flexeserve Zone® is the pinnacle of 25 years' work

in food-to-go heated display units.

Our goal is to improve the world of hot food-to-go

As a Flexeserve Zone® customer, you’ll receive an all-encompassing service.

Flexeserve Zone® delivers on our promise … like no other hot food display unit.

Flexeserve Zone® enables food outlets to expand their hot food-to-go operations, by maintaining a variety of foods at optimum quality and serving temperature for record times. Offering a compelling range of benefits, Flexeserve Zone® will revolutionise your business.

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The whole package

Our food packaging expertise and consultancy service ensure that product quality is retained throughout the hot-holding process when keeping food hot. Creating the perfect micro-climate is key to preventing moisture loss whilst maintaining the optimum hot-holding temperature for a wide variety of foods that each have their own hot-holding requirements.

It's a wrap!

Exceeding your customers' expectations

Food for now, food for later. People want the freedom to eat anywhere, anytime. On the go, on the way there, on the way home … Research shows that millennials eat outside of the home more often than any other generation. Flexeserve Zone® will help you meet the demand for a diverse menu, allowing you to maximise your hot food-to-go offering to this growing market.

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