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Flexeserve to help operators “take a fresh look at hot-holding” at HostMilano 2023

Flexeserve will showcase its brand-new cloud-based service, Connect – part of the industry’s only hot-holding service, Flexeserve Solution, which makes hot grab and go easy for operators.

From 13-17 October, the world-leading hot-holding manufacturer will bring its team of food-to-go experts and international distributors to Hall 2 Stand P35 Q36 at HostMilano, a global exhibition dedicated to foodservice and hospitality. Launching Connect at the show will enable operators to see their “hot food operation like never before” – helping them sell more and waste less at every location.

Flexeserve Zone 4 Tier unit with a wide variety of hot grab and go
Winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation 2022, the Flexeserve Zone 4 Tier unit hot-holds a wide variety of hot grab and go

Queen’s Award-winning innovator, Flexeserve, is the hot-holding partner to major retailers around the world, including BILLA, Circle K, EDEKA and Spar International. Supported on the stand by international distributors Pentagast (DACH region), Equip’d (Canada) and Meris Food Equipment (Australia), Flexeserve’s unique team of experts will be changing the game in every hot food language!

Director of Customer Experience, Warwick Wakefield, said: “We’re hugely excited to be returning to HostMilano with innovative, brand-new products that will transform hot food programmes for supermarkets, forecourts and convenience stores, cafés and bakeries, quickservice restaurants and more. We’ll demonstrate how our equipment and expertise can solve their hot food pain points and help them achieve incredible sustainability and profitability.”

Making grab and go easy with Flexeserve Solution

The industry’s only answer to creating an optimised hot food operation, Flexeserve Solution helps operators take their grab and go to the next level – reducing energy usage, food waste and pressure on teams, all whilst offering great-tasting, fresh hot food throughout the day.

Illustration of Flexeserve Solution - enabling you to exceed your hot food goals smoothly, efficiently and profitably
Discover true hot-holding at HostMilano with Flexeserve Solution, the industry’s only answer to creating an optimised hot food operation

Core elements of Flexeserve Solution – Technology, Food, Culinary, Packaging, Implement and Connect – will be showcased at the stand by Flexeserve’s global team of experts. This will be led by Warwick Wakefield – Director of Customer Experience, Dirk Wissmann – Operational Support & Development Manager and lead expert on Connect, Adam Dyer – Director of Culinary and Kristian Ward – EMEA Key Account Manager. They will be supported by Barbara Culwick – Export Sales Executive and Jamie Joyce – Global CEO.

Dirk Wissmann said: “Tackling the challenges of traditional service models, Flexeserve Solution helps you create an efficient and profitable hot food programme, helping you sell more and waste less. Newly evolved for 2023, this all-encompassing service will support food-to-go operations globally, like never before.”

Presenting … Connect by Flexeserve

HostMilano marks the official launch of Connect by Flexeserve! The new cloud-based service enables operators to maximise the benefits of true hot-holding and achieve total operational efficiency across entire estates.

Dirk Wissmann demonstrating Connect by Flexeserve, a new cloud-based service being launched at HostMilano 2023
Dirk Wissmann will be demonstrating the benefits of Connect by Flexeserve at HostMilano 2023

With the ability to remotely access and automate your hot-holding units, Connect allows you to set shelf temperatures, schedule dayparts and track product shelf-life – maximising sustainability, food quality and profitability. Highly compatible, it can also be integrated with other cloud-based services for greater efficiency.

Dirk continued: “We have real-world experience of foodservice challenges and operator pain points. The first of its kind, Connect is changing the way that operators view their hot food programmes.

“With live data reporting and the ability to refine hot food programmes remotely, our latest innovation helps you reduce energy usage, eliminate food waste and continually advance how you make and serve hot food.”

3 new ways to sell even more and waste even less

Flexeserve will be showcasing true hot-holding at HostMilano with its latest heated display, Flexeserve Zone Xtra. Ideal for grab and go, Xtra enables operators to display 60% more incredible hot food and enhance its visibility with premium accessories – all within the same footprint and power supply as the Flexeserve Zone 2 Tier Countertop.

Flexeserve Zone Xtra, Flexeserve Zone 4 Tier Rear Feed and Flexeserve Hub Undercounter are three brand-new hot holding units coming to HostMilano 2023

With Xtra’s two multi-temp zones, capable of hot-holding products with different temperature requirements in the same unit, operators can achieve new levels of energy efficiency, selling more while cooking less often with a wider range of products across all dayparts, from breakfast sandwiches and warm bakery to sweet treats, pizza and fries.

At the show will also be Flexeserve’s brand-new Flexeserve Zone 4 Tier Rear Feed, providing easy restocking directly from back-of-house. Helping busy store teams reach new levels of efficiency, the new 4 Tier model is perfect for supermarket rotisseries, breakfast items, lunch-on-the-go and more.

Providing high capacity, under the counter, the all-new Flexeserve Hub Undercounter is also coming to HostMilano, to support kitchens with operational efficiencies at its core. Flexeserve Hub is the only unit that can hot-hold batch-cooked ingredients, complete dishes and whole packaged food orders for unrivalled hold times, versatility and energy efficiency.

Transform your hot food at HostMilano

Visit Hall 2 Stand P35 Q36 to discover how Flexeserve’s team of hot food experts can help you sell more and waste less – with ease.

Warwick concluded: “Only Flexeserve equipment and expertise can help you serve an incredible range of fresh-tasting hot food whilst reducing energy usage, food waste and demands on busy kitchens. We can’t wait to show operators how they can maximise the benefits of true hot-holding and achieve what they never thought possible.”

Experience true hot-holding at HostMilano 2023 – book a meeting with Flexeserve, or get in touch to discuss your requirements by clicking here.

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