Supersize your countertop capacity with our NEW Flexeserve Zone Xtra

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Flexeserve is the world’s leading hot-holding manufacturer and hot food-to-go specialist, partnering with and supporting brands and distributors around the world.

With our equipment and expertise, operators can offer an incredible range of hot food whilst reducing food waste, energy usage and demands on busy kitchens and front-of-house teams.

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Got 4 minutes? Discover the only hot-holding service, Flexeserve Solution.

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Any business can use our hot air to their advantage, front and back-of-house. We continually develop our range of hot-holding units to help operators address pain points and unlock amazing hot food opportunities.

Our multi-temp heated display, Flexeserve Zone, enables you to sell an unrivalled variety of great tasting hot food from a small footprint, and our high-capacity unit, Flexeserve Hub provides an 'extra pair of hands' in the kitchen.

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Want to achieve total operational efficiency in your hot food programme? Our experts will show you what you can achieve with our true hot-holding.

Optimise your hot food operation efficiently, sustainably and profitably with the industry’s only hot-holding service, Flexeserve Solution – newly evolved for 2023. To help advance your hot food, we guide you through Technology, Food, Culinary, Packaging, Implement and Connect.

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Logo for Connect by Flexeserve, the world's first cloud-based service for hot-holding launching at HostMilano 2023

Connect by Flexeserve, our new cloud-based service enables you to control and automate units remotely, and collate performance data to see your “hot food operation like never before” – helping you sell more and waste less at every location.

Sell even more with XTRA

Display 60% more incredible hot food – all within the same footprint and power supply as the Flexeserve Zone 2 Tier Countertop. Flexeserve Zone Xtra is perfect for the convenience market, enabling you to cook in larger batches and hot-hold at optimum quality – giving you excellent operational and energy efficiency.

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High capacity, under the counter

Discover our all-new product, Flexeserve Hub Undercounter. Supporting you back-of-house with operational efficiencies at its core, Flexeserve Hub is the only unit that can hot-hold batch-cooked ingredients, complete dishes and whole packaged food orders – for unrivalled hold times, versatility and energy efficiency.

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