Supersize your countertop capacity with our NEW Flexeserve Zone Xtra

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Upgrade your food quality and capacity, in a small footprint, with Flexeserve Hub Undercounter.

Now, Flexeserve Hub can change the game for even more operators around the world – with our new Connect-ready Undercounter range. An “extra pair of hands” for the team, our latest product empowers your staff and eases the pressure at peak service times.

We’re constantly exploring new ways for our technology to help operators and Flexeserve Undercounter makes true hot-holding even more accessible.

Benefits of Flexeserve Hub Undercounter

Capitalize on the growing demand for hot food-to-go and address the challenges of a busy kitchen with this entirely new product. If you have limited space, Undercounter enables you to improve both operational and energy efficiencies whilst delivering unrivaled food quality and availability.

Total operational efficiency

Reduced food waste

Improved sales and food quality

How you can use Undercounter

Prepare individual ingredients and dishes ahead of time and keep them at optimum temperature and quality – under the counter, front or back-of-house. Flexeserve Hub Undercounter can hot-hold food in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and quantities, even whole food orders – making it perfect for delivery and collection!

Undercounter is also Connect-ready, so you can use our new cloud-based service to control and automate units remotely, and see your “hot food operation like never before”.

Our technology

Undercounter delivers the same three-dimensional heat as Flexeserve Hub with our incredibly energy-efficient hot air recirculation technology. This creates a consistent temperature throughout the entire unit, maintaining your products at just-cooked quality for unrivaled hold times.

Flexeserve Hub Undercounter offers incredible capacity with maximized internal volume.


Your kitchen can achieve so much more with our range of Flexeserve Hub models. By cooking outside of peak times and utilising quieter periods of the day, your team can deliver on demand whilst feeling less pressure.

A new range of accessories has been developed specifically for Flexeserve Hub Undercounter – and it's also gastronorm-compatible, so integration is easy!


Revolutionize your collection and delivery operations with enhanced convenience, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Flexeserve Hub Undercounter’s front-of-house benefits are far reaching, helping your team cope with multiple food order processes.

Undercounter is also constructed from state-of-the-art, highly insulative materials for greater energy efficiency – so you can put it anywhere.

Success, supported

Our experts in technology, food, culinary, packaging and in-store implementation can refine your hot food operation through Flexeserve Solution, the industry’s only hot-holding service. We’ll show you how to use our hot air to your advantage and maximize the benefits of Flexeserve Hub – so you can sell more and waste less.

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