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Flexeserve Hub changes the game for PizzaExpress' food delivery and collection offering

Serving up a slice of great tasting delivery

PizzaExpress takes delivery and collection to the next level with Flexeserve's industry-leading hot-holding units and expertise

PizzaExpress wanted …

increased hot-holding capacity

maximized customer satisfaction

improved in-house efficiencies

Our revolutionary, high-capacity hot-holding unit, Flexeserve Hub, helped PizzaExpress to embrace hot-holding smoothly, efficiently and profitably

Piz’za the action

PizzaExpress saw demand for collection and delivery skyrocket during the pandemic and wanted to maximize ongoing sales potential.

Embracing these sales models has created both opportunities and challenges for the business with new peak service times driven by changes in consumer behavior.

PizzaExpress needed to overhaul its existing hot-holding solution to improve capacity in-store and quality on the doorstep. We began by introducing our high capacity hot-holding unit, Flexeserve Hub to a London store – having tailored it to PizzaExpress’s needs.

Dirk Wissmann, Operational Support & Development Manager at Flexeserve

“Flexeserve Hub’s superior hot-holding capacity and perfect integration with their operations provided enhanced efficiencies.”

Dirk Wissmann, Operational Support & Development Manager

Flexeserve Solution

Our culinary, technical and implementation experts helped PizzaExpress embrace true hot-holding smoothly, efficiently and profitably – delivering on their target objectives.

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We specified Flexeserve Hub, which delivers unmatched capacity within a small footprint. With our unrivaled hot air recirculation technology, this unit provides a consistent temperature, perfect for hot-holding challenging products such as pizza and crispy sides.


We delivered hot-holding results far exceeding PizzaExpress’s aspirations. Through collaboration, our culinary team reviewed the kitchen’s delivery process to ensure it was suited to hot-holding, maximized team efficiencies and realized Flexeserve Hub’s full potential.


To make starters and sides instantly available for any order, we advised on cooking and hot-holding in larger batches. Our implementation expert also replicated their entire service model and simulated the thermal conditions of delivery to the customer – to prove concept before integration.

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Success, delivered.

Our highly efficient hot air recirculation technology maintains the temperature and just-cooked quality of their pizzas and side orders. This allows the kitchen team to increase output, optimizing their order fulfillment rate and enhancing customer satisfaction.

4 X

hot-holding capacity within the same footprint

‘dine-in’ quality at the point of delivery

+ 2 4 8 %

increase in weekly collection and delivery revenue

“Flexeserve has helped us realize potential from demand for collection and delivery. With Flexeserve Hub, they have increased the capacity and quality of our hot-holding whilst making order fulfillment easier for our team.”

Iga Piątek, FOH & BOH Development Manager

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