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Flexeserve units integrated seamlessly into Amazon Go's revolutionary self-service concept

Entering hot grab and go with quality and efficiency

Amazon Go enters hot grab and go with quality and efficiency, creating a great tasting menu with Flexeserve's leading hot-holding units and expertise

Amazon Go wanted …

excellent hot food quality

simplicity and compatibility

profitability and efficiency

Showcasing the unrivalled range of hot food that our hot-holding units can hold at just-cooked quality, for hours, not minutes

Support from A to Z

Amazon’s pioneering retail concept had begun rollout across the U.S., and consumers demanded a hot food range.

Amazon had no prior expertise in hot food and wanted to offer great tasting products, delivered with excellent efficiency by utilizing hot-holding. The Amazon team loved our technology and needed it to integrate seamlessly with the technology of the groundbreaking Amazon Go self-service concept.

We worked with them, from start to finish, to create a hot food menu and operation from the ground up, and created custom units that integrated with their brand and technology.

Warwick Wakefield, Director of Customer Experience at Flexeserve

“We can help you create a hot food operation that makes the most of true hot-holding. Working with you, we’ll optimize operational and energy efficiency, food quality and wastage – so you can sell more and waste less.”

Warwick Wakefield, Director of Customer Experience

Billy Eatenton, Head of Culinary, demonstrates the hot food that Flexeserve units can hot-hold.

Flexeserve Solution

Through Flexeserve Solution, our culinary, technical and implementation experts helped Amazon embrace true hot-holding and create a hot food operation smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

Flexeserve Solution in 4 mins


Amazon loved our technology‘s ability to hold food for several hours at just-cooked quality. We specified Flexeserve Zone, which accurately maintains multiple shelf temperatures within the same unit. This allows them to offer incredible hot food variety in a self-service format.


We helped the food team develop a menu from the ground up. Our culinary experts inspired Amazon with true hot-holding’s incredible product potential and advised on the best recipes for hot-holding, unlocking a broad selection of great tasting hot food.


Amazon needed a simple and efficient operation that complemented their technology. We devised processes with products cooked in-packaging, in large batches. We conducted food testing both remotely and in person, refining their cook methods for optimum quality.


Packaging is pivotal for optimum hot-holding results. We guided Amazon on tailoring packaging to their range and a cook-in-packaging approach. By managing air flow for each product type, they can use our versatile hot air recirculation to their advantage.


We created a custom, premium Flexeserve Zone with black, acid-etched end panels and no reflective surfaces, to work with Amazon’s automatic purchase technology. In addition, we delivered a custom range of accessories to ensure the necessary separation between product types.

Tap the wheel and see how Amazon Go used Flexeserve Solution
With its groundbreaking concept, we helped Amazon Go to create an entirely new grab and go menu based around true hot-holding

Hot and ready to-go

We helped Amazon successfully launch an entirely new, great tasting hot food range with an operation based around simplicity and true hot-holding. The in-packaging cooking, “one-touch” process we recommended delivers greater food security and optimized efficiency.

One-touch food security

Next-level energy efficiency

Minimal food waste

“We helped Amazon Go create a profitable hot food menu with challenging products, such as grilled cheese sandwiches, meatball wraps and mac’n’cheese. This led to us assisting their UK team to do the same and more…”

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