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Circle K transforms its hot food operations with Flexeserve Zone units

Helping a global chain achieve big aspirations

Circle K changed their hot food game with Flexeserve Zone: Food that's ready when you are. Fresh food, fast.

Circle K wanted …

improved operational efficiency

x 2

sales in 5 years

reduced food waste

Flexeserve Zone, the only unit capable of delivering different shelf temperatures for individual product requirements

‘Fresh Food, Fast’

Flexeserve’s relationship with Circle K began with gaining an understanding of their existing hot food operation, their challenges and what they wanted to achieve.

We then presented our game-changing flagship unit, Flexeserve Zone, the only unit that can truly deliver different shelf temperatures for the needs of individual products.

The objective of Circle K’s ‘Fresh Food, Fast’ program was to raise the profile and success of their hot food offer, in part through increased quality during hot-holding.

Our experts began helping their team tap into the potential of our technology, with improved operational efficiency, reduced food waste and a wider range of products for consumers to choose from.

Dirk Wissmann, Operational Support & Development Manager at Flexeserve

“Circle K realized Flexeserve Zone was integral to achieving their ambitious ‘Fresh Food, Fast’ program and we helped them take their operation to the next level.”

Dirk Wissmann, Operational Support & Development Manager

Flexeserve Solution

At Flexeserve, we know that an effective, optimized and profitable hot food operation requires more than equipment and we’ve developed Flexeserve Solution to provide all-encompassing support.

Flexeserve Solution in 4 mins


Circle K wanted to put their existing range into Flexeserve Zone. The impact of our technology hot-holding their products extended shelf life, instantly. Flexeserve Zone’s unique multi-temp capabilities opened up new possibilities for Circle K to offer products they never thought possible.


We advised on how to hot-hold Circle K’s existing hot food range of 16 products, and our culinary experts began introducing them to the potential for new products. Circle K’s menu expanded to 26 products, including hash browns, nachos-to-go and a seasonal special Philly Cheese Steak.


Prior to working with us, Circle K’s hot food operation was labor intensive. We could see an opportunity to develop a more efficient process that would improve food quality. We recommended use of combi ovens and advised on cooking processes to achieve amazing hot food quality.


Packaging plays a pivotal role in achieving optimum hot-holding results. We advised Circle K on the most ideal packaging specifications for each of their products. This would tailor the microclimate for each product and ensure Circle K uses our hot air recirculation to their advantage.


We helped Circle K address an operational bottleneck, with true hot-holding. We showed them they could cook in batches and refined their cooking process. Additionally, we recommended accessories to improve merchandising and developed signage holders to support their marketing.

Tap the wheel and see how Circle K used Flexeserve Solution
Circle K's efficient and profitable hot food operation, with an expanded menu and reduced food waste with the help of Flexeserve Zone and our unique expertise

Instant change

We helped Circle K in the U.S. achieve a highly efficient and profitable hot food operation, with reduced food waste, an expanded menu and amazing food quality. This led to us working with their European team to repeat that success.

3 0 %

increase in profit

x 2

product shelf life

6 0 %

more products on the menu

“It is a great pleasure to work with the Flexeserve team. The challenges of the past year have really reflected how strong and supportive a partner Flexeserve is. We could not have accomplished our goals without you. Thank you!”
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