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Rear Feed is a TOP 10 HIT!

We were blown away to be featured in the list of 'Top 10 Cool New Products at NACS'! Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed delivers all the unrivaled benefits of our flagship Flexeserve Zone with the added capability of being able to restock hot food from behind the counter. Rear Feed is perfect for smaller retail environments, making it ideal for convenience!

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What we do

Not only do we manufacture the best heated displays in the world, Flexeserve will help you make more profit from your hot food.

We enable c-stores to sell more and waste less by improving food quality and product range. Our equipment and expertise also help reduce the labor and energy usage needed to serve hot food.

Your true hot-holding partner

Flexeserve is the industry leader in hot-holding, supporting a diverse range of household name operators around the world.

As your c-store's hot-holding partner, we can transform how you make and serve hot food – delivering incredible ROI by achieving unmatched efficiency, waste reduction and profitability.

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How we do it

The combination of our unique equipment and expertise cannot be found anywhere else. We make the world’s best hot-holding units and support them with an all-in-one service, Flexeserve Solution, for incredible results. Click below to find out more.


A product-first approach is key.

From our Foodservice Innovation Centre and Development Kitchen, we create new products and entire menus that exceed consumer expectations.

Working with your team, we will optimise recipes and perfect holding temperatures with our Development Chef and culinary team.

Cook method

Achieve the same results at every location.

We’ll help you establish the best cook process for each food item. Our Development Kitchen is equipped with a wide range of ovens and cooking equipment, so that you can replicate your current operation.

Our expert team will also maximise shelf-life to reduce waste and ensure your products last a whole day part.


Create the right microclimate.

We’ll identify the most appropriate packaging for each of your products to preserve quality, determined by their ingredients, desired customer experience and target shelf life.

With our expertise, and working with a range of manufacturers, we’ll achieve the microclimates your products need, whilst also delivering excellent food security and greener packaging solutions.

Packaging used to create the right micro-climate for foods during hot-holding

Our technology

Where the magic happens.

Our unique air-recirculation technology is unrivalled. The hold times that you can achieve with our unit can transform your business – it’s the only system capable of true hot-holding.

Our patented system maintains the core temperature of your products through convection heating, surrounding the food with a consistent temperature. It’s the only way to do it.

In-store service

Rolling out your hot food.

Together, we’ll develop processes for your hot food preparation to help make your operation as efficient and effective as possible.

We can refine the way you merchandise hot food-to-go to maximise your ROI. We offer POS customisation to maximise impact, and accessories that increase visibility and efficiency.


Introducing Flexeserve Hub

Flexeserve Hub is a revolutionary, high capacity hot-holding unit that's transforming food quality and operational efficiency. Hub is designed to be perfect for both busy kitchens and operators with food models such as delivery, pickup, takeaway and drive-thru.

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Director of Customer Experience

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North America Operations Manager

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