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Pret A Manger

A brand associated with high quality food and drink, Pret A Manger’s market-leading hot food-to-go products must be uncompromised by hot-holding. Pret selected Flexeserve Zone® as the exclusive product for all its hot-holding requirements, with nearly 500 heated display units – commonly referred to by Pret as ‘hot langars’ – delivered worldwide, including UK, France, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Dubai and more.

In addition to the UK menu, Flexeserve Zone® allows Pret A Manger to develop innovative and exciting hot grab-and-go products, as well as regional, seasonal and country-specific menus. We support Pret’s food development team, as and when required, as well as working directly with its food packaging supplier.

Flexeserve Zone® ensures that Pret’s products are served as they are intended and achieve the best results across the world, exceeding customer expectations of such a high profile brand.


Greggs’ initial interest in our service stemmed from a desire to hot-hold some of their best-selling products to help keep up with demand and maintain their high quality standards. We established that, in addition to their existing hot-holding units – which were manufactured by a competitor – not being fit for purpose, the operation was also causing food products to deteriorate quickly.

Our development chef provided a comprehensive solution by amending the existing recipe, packaging and product build within our development kitchen. The result of this surpassed their expectations. In order to achieve the objective, we replaced their existing hot-holding units with Flexeserve Zone®, which enabled further progress with menu development.

Following the success of this project, Greggs was keen to explore the full potential of Flexeserve Zone®. They instructed us to collaborate with them on a range of new products to increase add-on sales and attract a new customer base across the day part menu.