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Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed to welcome new businesses to hot-holding food-to-go

At EuroShop 2020, Flexeserve has launched a new range of hot-holding units tailored to the needs of counter-based retailers.

Introducing rear feed operation and utilising the award-winning technology of Flexeserve, these new units are set to change the way hot food-to-go is served.

Featuring the added convenience of a smart controller, the new Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed range is designed to meet the logistical needs of sales environments where staff work mainly from behind a counter.

The new Rear Feed range comprises countertop units and an inline counter-height model. In this range, the unique Flexeserve Zone fan system is integrated into the rear feeding doors at the back of the unit. This enables staff to re-stock more quickly, which also reduces the time between cooking and hot-holding.

These will be the first Flexeserve Zone units to feature an entirely new controller, using cloud-based smart technology with internet connectivity. Designed specifically for Flexeserve Zone, in collaboration with a leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen temperature controls, this system enables users to remotely operate the unit, as well as monitor usage and other statistics.

A different unit, the same revolution

Flexeserve Zone is the industry-leading range of hot-holding units that maintain a wide variety of food at optimum serving temperatures for record hold times, without compromising taste or texture. They keep food in a fresh state due to unique, patented technology, combined with a comprehensive menu development and packaging optimisation service.

Flexeserve Zone is the only hot-holding unit on the market capable of true hot-holding. The unit’s ‘zones’ act as thermal barriers, enabling a variety of foods, requiring different serving temperatures, to be held within the same unit.

CGI of Rear Feed unit showing rear door access

The ability to hold hot food for longer periods of time increases the opportunity for purchase. The result is that retailers can significantly reduce their waste and increase the profitability of product lines.

Jamie Joyce, CEO, says: “Our new Rear Feed range of Flexeserve Zone units is the latest innovation in our mission to create bespoke hot-holding solutions for retailers. Flexeserve Zone is already available in a range of countertop and floor-standing units, and Rear Feed is another step forward.

“For some retailers, loading food-to-go into a merchandiser from the front is a real challenge – particularly in certain sales environments and low staffed operations. By creating Rear Feed, we are able to bring these retailers into the world of hot-holding.”

For more information about Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed and our comprehensive hot-holding solution, please contact us.

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