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Utilising our award-winning technology, with the added convenience of a smart controller and rear feed operation, Rear Feed will change the way you serve hot food-to-go.

We are committed to creating a tailored hot-holding solution for any retailer. Our Rear Feed range furthers our ability to do that, by addressing a critical part of the market.

Rear Feed integrates our unique Flexeserve Zone® fan system into rear feeding doors at the back of the unit. This enables staff to re-stock more quickly, which also reduces time between cooking and hot-holding.

The range features an entirely new controller, using cloud-based smart technology with internet connectivity. Designed specifically for Flexeserve Zone®, with a leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen temperature controls, this system enables users to remotely operate the unit, as well as monitor usage and other statistics.

Why is it innovative?

  • Rear feeding doors with integrated fan system.
  • Custom built cloud-based smart controller with internet connectivity.
  • Automated operation.
  • Menu optimisation.


Why Flexeserve Zone® Rear Feed is an asset to your business

  • Operators can enjoy ease of use.
  • Extended shelf life, true hot-holding, reduced wastage.
  • Superior energy efficiency.
  • Full support from our Development Chef.

We showcased our new 3 Tier Rear Feed unit at EuroShop 2020. This inline counter-height model is the latest addition to our new Rear Feed Flexeserve Zone® range, designed to meet the logistical needs of sales environments where staff work mainly from behind a counter.

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