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Convenience stores typically operate with a small kitchen or without one entirely. This makes providing good quality hot food a challenge. We support many large convenience store chains in providing hot food-to-go lines that meet and surpass consumer demands.

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Quick-serve operations are focused on providing customers with food as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This usually means that food is ordered at a sales counter and then cooked to order, within a short space of time. The term ‘quick-serve’ is commonly associated with ‘fast food’. However, Flexeserve Zone enables clients to create high quality hot food-to-go.

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Supermarkets can have a variety of requirements for hot-holding within a single large location. From rotisserie chicken to hot snacks, Flexeserve Zone provides the solution to a wide range of challenges that allow supermarkets to address demand and increase average customer spend.

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Coffee shop

Most coffee shops operate some form of food menu, but not all are able to take full advantage of the custom available to them. We've worked with many coffee shops looking to enhance their hot food offering with Flexeserve Zone. Those that embrace a hot-holding approach to hot food-to-go can increase add-on sales and attract new customers.

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Add-on sales are a crucial revenue stream for many businesses within the hospitality and leisure industries. Flexeserve Zone provides an opportunity for these businesses to generate money from hot food-to-go without creating a substantial new demand on resources.

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