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Circle K

Flexeserve’s relationship with Circle K began with gaining an understanding of their existing hot food operation, challenges and what they wanted to achieve. With our units and extensive expertise, we helped Circle K establish a highly efficient and profitable hot-holding operation.

We presented our game-changing flagship unit, Flexeserve Zone, the only unit that can truly deliver different shelf temperatures for the needs of individual products. Circle K realized Flexeserve Zone was integral to achieving their ambitious ‘Fresh, Food, Fast’ program.

The objective of ‘Fresh, Food, Fast’ was to raise the profile and success of their hot food offer, in part through increased quality during hot-holding.

Circle K benefited from our complete Flexeserve Solution. We shared our culinary expertise, advised on packaging and helped to establish the necessary in-store operation to make it all work.

Flexeserve doubled the shelf life of their hot food. As a direct result, Circle K immediately and substantially reduced their food waste – increasing the profitability and sustainability of their hot food.

BP – Wild Bean Cafe

When BP approached us, it had been in the process of reworking its Wild Bean Cafe concept to increase both footfall and the average spend of its customers. As part of this, it was interested in developing a more extensive hot food-to-go menu by introducing a range of products designed for hot-holding.

All food development for the launch of the new Wild Bean Café concept was carried out at our facility and, predominantly, in our development kitchen. We worked alongside the Wild Bean Cafe team and advised on everything from ingredients, packaging, cook programmes and staff processes to shelf temperatures and unit merchandising.

We co-developed new hot-hold menu items within our development kitchen, including tater tots and loaded fries. In addition to this, we also tweaked some of Wild Bean Cafe’s existing recipes for use in Flexeserve Zone and offered invaluable packaging support for the entire hot-held product range.

We continue to assist with Wild Bean Cafe’s product development, with additional projects in The Netherlands and California.

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