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Flexeserve strengthens key customer support with appointment of Rachel Paul

Key Accounts Manager, Rachel Paul has joined Flexeserve Inc.’s team to deliver best-in-industry customer and sales support for the Americas.

The world-leading hot-holding manufacturer and food-to-go experts have welcomed Rachel Paul as Flexeserve continues to build its operations in the Americas. A highly skilled account manager, Rachel brings a wealth of logistics experience and industry insight from her past roles at OTR and PepsiCo.

As Key Accounts Manager, based at Flexeserve’s new U.S. HQ and Culinary Support Center in Southlake (Dallas), TX, Rachel will support day-to-day operations and strategic relationships with customers, rep partners and authorised dealers – identifying their needs and providing tailored solutions. Her role will also involve collaborating with Flexeserve’s UK team to help deliver a seamless 24-hour service to customers across the Americas.

Key Accounts Manager, Rachel Paul has joined Flexeserve Inc.’s team to deliver best-in-industry customer and sales support for the Americas.

Meet Rachel Paul

On her appointment, Rachel said: “I’m excited to be part of the Flexeserve team! The company is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in hot-holding with its unique technology and expertise. Having kept a close eye on Flexeserve’s growth to date, I’ve seen how integral the customer experience is, enabling retailers to embrace true hot-holding with ease.

“When I spoke with Flexeserve’s team, I could instantly sense their enthusiasm and how much they love their roles – something that customers pick up on, too. As part of my role, I want to ensure that everyone who interacts with Flexeserve has the best possible experience of the brand, and is fully able to realise the potential of their hot-food operation.”

Rachel Paul will work in close collaboration with Flexeserve’s despatch operations in Hinckley UK and its logistics hub in Savannah, GA.

Rachel will manage relationships and operations with Flexeserve Inc.’s existing customer base, as well as help build connections with new customers, reps and dealers. As part of this, she will work in close collaboration with Flexeserve’s logistics hub in Savannah, GA.

Helping rep partners take their support to the next level, Rachel will equip them with in-depth product knowledge, regular communications and provide guidance on accessing the variety of online assets within Flexeserve Portal.

Serving the American market

Following the Grand Opening of its state-of the-art U.S. HQ and Culinary Support Center in Southlake (Dallas), TX in August 2023, Flexeserve Inc. has been busy building its team to serve the Americas.

Rachel joins Dave Hinton, CFSP – President, Patrick Walker – VP of Technical Service and Katie Brewer – Operations Manager. From Flexeserve’s UK team, Rachel will work closely with James Hayes – North America Operations Manager and Amanda Zia – North America Operations Executive.

Flexeserve Inc.'s growing team of hot food-to-go experts headed up by Dave Hinton, President

Dave Hinton said: “We’re delighted to welcome Rachel Paul into our team of experts. Her experience working with global brands like OTR and PepsiCo, alongside her foodservice industry insight and problem-solving skills, will make her a vital part of Flexeserve’s operations.”

With full rep partner and authorised dealer coverage now established across North America, Flexeserve Inc. has also recently appointed a rep partner for Latin America and the Caribbean, with multiple in-country locations and a brand-new test kitchen coming soon to Mexico City.

Flexeserve Solution graphic - the world's only hot-holding service helping you achieve an optimised hot food operation

More than a manufacturer

Flexeserve’s industry-leading technology is supported by Flexeserve Solution, the industry’s only hot-holding service. Working as an extension of their customers’ internal teams, Flexeserve’s culinary experts help deliver an optimised hot food programme and achieve an optimal customer experience.

Rachel added: “We want to ensure our customers are in the best position to make the most of our newest innovations, such as Flexeserve Zone Xtra and the latest element of Flexeserve Solution, Connect by Flexeserve. With Xtra and Connect, operators can sell even more and waste even less, at every location.”

Flexeserve Zone Xtra, our latest innovation, providing the largest capacity for a countertop heated display
Flexeserve Zone Xtra, our latest innovation, provides the largest capacity for a countertop heated display

Rachel continued: “The customer experience doesn’t stop once you’ve purchased a Flexeserve product. We’re here with our customers on the journey to true hot-holding, providing proactive, 360-degree ongoing support throughout the lifetime of their products.”

Dave concluded: “As a team, Flexeserve Inc. is on a mission to craft the highest level of customer experience within the industry. We strive to deliver a gold-standard service as our customers’ only hot-holding partner, offering all-encompassing support for food-to-go operations globally, like never before.”

If you want to transform your hot food-to-go operation, please contact us.

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