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Flexeserve® and Contract Catering: True hot-holding as flexible as you are

A contract catering business is highly adaptive – from delivering food-to-go catering for hospitals, to workplace food halls, to foodservice for franchise locations. We offer true hot-holding for every situation, and tailor our service to you.

We have an in-depth understanding of the food-to-go catering world. Our team not only offers industry-leading expertise but is also informed by extensive catering industry experience too. This makes us the best partner to help you in whatever challenges your next project presents.

We hot-hold the opportunities

Billy Eatenton, Sales Manager – UK & Ireland, said: “With our comprehensive knowledge and facilities, and the range of products that we’ve developed, we offer our customers an incredibly flexible proposition.”

Flexeserve can create a solution that caters for any of your projects, be it foodservice for:

  • Hospitals and other 24/7 environments
  • Food halls and catering operations in workplaces
  • Cafés and food counters in education settings
  • Franchise locations for popular food brands
  • Indoor and outdoor events
  • Leisure – from cinemas, attractions and sports events to conferencing and corporate events
  • Travel sector – from fuel stations and motorway services to airports, train stations and even cross-channel ferries!

In any of these scenarios, our true hot-holding will optimise the efficiency of your operations, maintain the quality of your hot food and, ultimately, increase profit margins.

Billy continued: “We can help you combat the biggest challenges you face in serving hot food – no matter what project you’re working on. We’ll enable you to raise the service level you can consistently achieve, as well as improve food security.”

Flexeserve Zone within a self-service food-to-go display for contract catering

What products can Flexeserve offer the food-to-go catering sector?

We’ve developed a product range to allow us to cater for every need with Flexeserve Hub, Flexeserve Zone and Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed.

Flexeserve Hub is a versatile, high capacity unit that can hot-hold large quantities of packaged food using our unique air recirculation technology, designed to revolutionise both front-of-house and kitchen operations. As an enclosed unit, with a self-closing door, Flexeserve Hub is an extremely efficient hot-holding unit that keeps your food hot and safe in any front or back-of-house environment.

Flexeserve Hub providing click and collect service for contract caterers

Our flagship Flexeserve Zone is our patented, industry-leading heated display – capable of creating multiple temperatures within one unit. The technology of Flexeserve Zone allows you to hot-hold a very wide variety of foods within a single display – even delicate products such as warm pastries, bread products and poached eggs. The sheer level of choice you can offer within Flexeserve Zone makes it ideal for grab and go. It’s also available in a range of sizes, in both countertop and floor standing models.

Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed models add the convenience of restocking from behind the counter – introducing our true hot-holding to smaller, more restrictive premises. The modern materials that our Rear Feed range is constructed from enhance overall efficiency, and the new generation custom-built controller makes operating these units so much easier and prepares them for the future.

How can Flexeserve help your catering operations achieve true hot-holding?

We support our customers with our Flexeserve Solution, a holistic approach that helps you create a hot food operation, built around true hot-holding, that’s tailored to your needs.

Flexeserve Solution comprises FIVE key elements – your food products, cook method, packaging, in-store service and our unique technology. It’s our ability to tailor these five elements, that means we can create a hot-holding operation for each of your projects.

We’ll take into account the requirements of each food product, shaped by the consumer, the front and back-of-house environments, your foodservice schedules, and much more.

“Catering companies are already using our units to deliver hot food, including breakfasts, in a variety of environments, from canteens to garage forecourts,” Warwick Wakefield, Customer Experience Director, commented in this month’s feature in Contract Catering Magazine.

The solutions we create are designed for consistency, ease of operation and high efficiency, making them easy to roll out across your workforce.

Flexeserve Zone Rear Feed unit being restocked from the rear by catering staff

How can Flexeserve help us adapt to the new normal?

Hot-holding with Flexeserve can help you overcome a number of the operational and logistical obstacles presented by a post-COVID world. Our products and services enable you to offer your hot food safely, without harming your rate of service.

Firstly, we can help you significantly improve food security. That’s the idea of minimising risk of food contamination within production, service and merchandising. In light of the pandemic, food security has become a very hot topic for the food industry.

By enabling you to hot-hold packaged hot food, and providing advice on the entire production and service process, Flexeserve can help you achieve ‘no touch’ food security.

Queues are usually flattering. However, during the pandemic, they are likely to be the result of capacity limits on premises, and foodservice slowed by new health and safety measures. Unfortunately, queues currently represent potentially unsafe situations.

But with Flexeserve, you can cook more efficiently, hot-hold food in large batches and ultimately, offer quick grab and go, self-service and even click and collect solutions. This means you’ll be able to speed up service and get those queues down.

For more information about Flexeserve and how we can help your food-to-go catering business, please contact us.

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