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As a Flexeserve Zone® customer, you’ll receive an all-encompassing service.

You’ll benefit from our significant range of investments we have made in order to provide a complete solution.

Through our Foodservice Innovation Centre, we provide you with full support in devising your own Flexeserve Zone® solution, from start to finish.

The process to ensure that your food performs as it should within Flexeserve Zone® involves finding the perfect composition of five key elements … product, operation, cook method, packaging and the Flexeserve Zone®. Our specialist on-site Development Chef will refine these fundamental factors for you to ensure your concept launches successfully.

The development kitchen facility incorporates a range of cooking formats from combination and convection ovens to regeneration and commercial microwaves, as well as a modern cooking line. In addition, we have a guest oven space so we can mimic your current operation as closely as possible.

We can also advise on the creation of innovative new product lines that could enhance your offering to meet new customer demands. This work could include the introduction of hot food-to-go menus in untapped day parts, such as snacking or evening meals.

We say comprehensive, and we mean it. The Foodservice Innovation Centre also acts as a training centre for both your foodservice and operations staff. We’ll help your team to refine techniques that will make your new hot food-to-go menu a success.

We can even recreate your sales environment within our factory, allowing you to plan out the exact operation of a new concept before launching. These mock-ups are fitted with the correct ovens, products, till systems, and of course, Flexeserve Zone® units. This facility allows us to work alongside you to train your staff on any new processes necessary for the introduction of Flexeserve Zone®. Our customers also value this part of our service for allowing them to identify any issues and address them before reaching the real in-store environment.

For more information about Flexeserve Zone® hot food-to-go solutions and how we can help your business, please contact us.

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