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What’s for lunch?

Visitors could experience Flexeserve’s hot-holding equipment and expertise, which can revolutionise their whole hot food operation.

Customer Experience Director, Warwick Wakefield, said: “This was an incredible opportunity for operators to explore how our hot-holding can transform the way they make and serve hot food. They could see how we’re driving the evolution of front and back-of-house for hot food operations that are more efficient and profitable.”

“Our products and services are for all food-to-go operators. We love working with customers of all shapes and sizes, from global brands to single-location independents. So if you’re interested in the benefits of true hot-holding, please get in touch.”

Flexeserve Zone

Flexeserve Zone is the industry-leading and Queen’s Award-winning range of hot-holding units. This range utilises our unique hot air recirculation technology to deliver true hot-holding at different temperatures within the same unit.

Developed to enable operators to hot-hold a wider variety of food to keep customers returning, Flexeserve Zone offers the flexibility to serve products suitable for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and sweet treats throughout the day.

If you’re a food-to-go operator looking to add delivery to your business, we highly recommend getting in touch. Flexeserve Zone will make it so much easier.

Flexeserve Hub

Flexeserve Hub is a revolutionary, high capacity hot-holding unit that is transforming food quality and operational efficiency. Hub is designed to be perfect for both busy kitchens and operators with food models such as delivery, pickup, takeaway and drive-thru.

Discover Flexeserve Solution

This all-encompassing service, delivered through the expertise of our highly experienced in-house culinary team and technical specialists in hot-holding, features five elements – product, cook method, packaging, in-store service and the unique hot air recirculation technology of our hot-holding units.

lunch! 2022 gave us the platform to demonstrate how we can enhance hot food operations, or even enable operators to build one from the ground up.

Flexeserve solution - join us at lunch! 2021

Warwick Wakefield

Director of Customer Experience

Billy Eatenton

Head of Culinary

Dirk Wissmann

Operational Support & Development Manager

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