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Mexican Ambassador visits global HQ, as Flexeserve Inc. continues growth strategy

A delegation from the Mexican Embassy led by Ambassador Josefa González-Blanco visits the Home of Hot-holding, as Flexeserve sets sights on growth across the Americas.

The world’s leading hot-holding manufacturer and hot food-to-go specialist welcomed Her Excellency Josefa González-Blanco and her team to discuss opportunities for expanding Flexeserve into Mexico and to experience a demonstration of their unique equipment and expertise.

Appointed 18 months ago, the Ambassador is focused on further consolidating the strategic business relationship between Mexico and the UK.

Global CEO of Flexeserve, Jamie Joyce, said: “It’s an incredible honour to have Josefa visiting us. Now, more than ever, our business has a truly global outlook and mindset for growth. The support and insight of Ambassadors from key territories is invaluable to our international ambitions.”

Mexican Ambassador Josefa González-Blanco visits the Home of Hot-holding, Flexeserve’s global HQ in the UK
[L-R] Erik Barajas, Mexican Embassy; Mick Steele, Technical Director; Jamie Joyce, Global CEO; Her Excellency Josefa González-Blanco, Mexican Ambassador; Mandy Haque, GBTCC; Beverley Dunn, Marketing

High praise from the Mexican Ambassador

During the Embassy’s visit, Flexeserve shared its vision to transform hot food programmes throughout the Americas with its unique service, Flexeserve Solution. This is already vastly improving food quality, guest experience, operational efficiencies and even sustainability – by reducing food waste and energy consumption.

The Ambassador toured Flexeserve’s Foodservice Innovation Centre, dedicated R&D department and lean manufacturing facilities, where recent major investment has significantly increased production capacity. The visit’s highlight was the showcase of a Mexican-themed lunch menu hot-held in Flexeserve Zone, led by Billy Eatenton as Head of Culinary.

Billy said: “It was exciting to develop a Mexican menu tailored to this visit, and our unique technology is the only way to hot-hold such a diverse range of cuisine. We can hold incredible hot food for hours, not minutes, and I was delighted that our menu and food quality received the highest praise from Her Excellency.”

Billy Eatenton, Flexeserve Head of Culinary demonstrating true hot-holding to the Mexican Ambassador, Her Excellency Josefa González-Blanco
Billy Eatenton, Flexeserve Head of Culinary demonstrating true hot-holding to the Mexican Ambassador, Her Excellency Josefa González-Blanco

Serving up sustainably

Sustainability was also a key topic of discussion during the visit, with the Ambassador being an environmental lawyer by profession.

Jamie explained: “We have a shared concern regarding the environment and, as we continue our journey of international growth, sustainability is a key consideration. Managing and reducing carbon throughout our global operation is central to our overall strategy.

“We have also recently evolved Flexeserve Solution to deliver next-level operational and energy efficiency to help our customers achieve their own sustainability goals when preparing and serving hot food throughout the day.”

Flexeserve providing a tour of their lean manufacturing facilities to the Embassy delegation
[L-R] Mick Steele, Technical Director; Her Excellency Josefa González-Blanco, Mexican Ambassador; Jamie Joyce, Global CEO; Erik Barajas, Mexican Embassy

Flexeserve Inc. forging ahead

Flexeserve established its U.S.-based business, Flexeserve Inc., in 2022 as part of a five-year strategy to create a footprint and expand its support across the Americas. Supporting this strategy, Flexeserve hosted a delegation from the U.S. Embassy last year led by Rosemary Gallant, Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs.

Since then, progress has been swift, with the appointment of Dave Hinton as President of the Americas in November last year. The highly experienced foodservice equipment executive has been building an expert team at speed, with Patrick Walker, VP of Technical Service and Adam Dyer, Director of Culinary now based at its soon-to-be launched HQ in Southlake (Dallas), TX.

A range of colourful, vibrant, mexican-themed hot food-to-go that has been hot-held with Flexeserve's unique equipment and expertise

Joining the meeting live from Texas, Dave Hinton said: “I’m hugely excited that Josefa has chosen to visit Flexeserve in the UK, and I’m delighted to be part of this event, even via a very early video call from Dallas!

“Mexico holds tremendous opportunities for Flexeserve, and developing this strategic relationship with the Mexican Embassy brings those opportunities one step closer to a reality.”

Jamie concluded: “The visit was very enlightening for us. Josefa and her team were incredibly generous with the insight they offered and commented specifically on the passion, dedication and expertise of our team. Creating this connection between our business and the Embassy is another big step forward for Flexeserve in the Americas – I’m hugely excited for the potential it has generated.”

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