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With Patrick Walker, Flexeserve sets sights on next-level technical service

Support infrastructure executive Patrick Walker joins Flexeserve Inc.’s team of experts as VP of Technical Service to deliver the brand’s best-in-industry aftersales support.

The world-leading manufacturer of hot-holding equipment welcomes Patrick Walker to support its customers across the Americas. An accomplished technical service executive, he brings 35 years of industry experience with major global brands such as Electrolux Professional.

As VP of Technical Service, he’ll utilise his technical, sales and account management skillsets to help ensure maximum continuity for a variety of hot food operators. The strategy Patrick will develop is vital to support the company’s growth as demand for Flexeserve’s unique equipment and expertise increases.

With Patrick Walker, Flexeserve Inc. sets sights on next-level technical service
Patrick Walker, VP of Technical Service – Flexeserve Inc.

Meet Patrick Walker

On his appointment, Patrick said: “I’m so proud to be part of the Flexeserve team. Our technology and expertise are truly game-changing – a totally different proposition from anything else in the market. We’re building on an excellent service network foundation to deliver unrivaled continuity that customers of all sizes can rely on throughout the Americas.

“Being part of this company is incredibly rewarding. I was drawn to the ambitious vision of the leadership team and the potential of Flexeserve’s true hot-holding. It’s compelling – when operators see how we transform their hot food, they share our passion too.”

Patrick Walker joins Flexeserve Inc.’s team of experts as VP Technical Service alongside Dave Hinton, CFSP – President, Adam Dyer – Director of Culinary and Katie Brewer – Office Manager
[L-R] The growing Flexeserve Inc. team: Katie Brewer – Office Manager; Adam Dyer – Director of Culinary; Dave Hinton, CFSP – President; Patrick Walker – VP of Technical Service

Patrick will oversee third-party suppliers, maintenance and repair services, and training across the technical service network. His foodservice expertise and long-standing industry relationships will enable him to tap into existing third-party networks – including Flexeserve logistics partners, DAVACO and Parts Town.

“With Patrick Walker, we’ll craft the highest level of aftersales experience within the industry.” 

He is uniquely placed to develop this service infrastructure, which mirrors the quality of Flexeserve‘s heated displays and helps cement the business as an operator’s ‘hot-holding partner’. This will also greatly benefit the newly expanding network of Flexeserve Approved Rep Partners who extend the full Flexeserve experience to customers across the Americas.

A team that delivers for operators

Patrick joins Dave Hinton, CFSP – President, Adam Dyer – Director of Culinary and Katie Brewer – Office Manager, who are establishing the company’s U.S. HQ in Southlake (Dallas) TX, which will have its official launch later this year.

Dave Hinton said: “Our industry-leading heated displays are incredibly robust. This is because we use accredited components of the highest quality, manufacture units with precision and expertise, and then rigorously test them. However, our units have become such a vital part of our customers’ operations that maximised uptime makes a real difference.”

Flexeserve manufactures industry-leading heated displays with precision and expertise, using accredited components of the highest quality

Service that will change the game

Flexeserve Solution is the industry’s only answer to developing an optimized hot food operation. Flexeserve’s experts help operators embrace true hot-holding with ease, so they can transform their entire hot food program smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

Patrick continued: “Once we’ve taken a customer through Flexeserve Solution, and the equipment is purchased, and in place, this is where my work begins. To extend this incredible experience we deliver, I’m developing a responsive, reliable service network that will deliver an exemplary program, supporting customers across the lifetime of their units.

“Foodservice operators are constantly demonstrating new levels of sophistication within their operation and the food they offer. Flexeserve technology, and the opportunities it opens up, accelerate that evolution. This means the technical service we provide has to empower these operators to progress – and sell more and waste less.”

Flexeserve Solution - the industry’s only answer to developing an optimized hot food operation

Flexeserve’s technical service proposition will evolve further still later this year with the launch of its cloud-based service, Connect. Patrick will play a key role in the deployment of Connect across the Americas. This will see Flexeserve’s hot-holding units report data back to a centralized point, making proactive management of the estate even more effective.

Technically speaking

Patrick, along with the rest of the Flexeserve Inc. team, is embarking on an ambitious strategy to craft the highest level of aftersales experience within the industry. Employing innovative aftersales programs and developing first-in-industry technologies, Flexeserve will deliver 360-degree support that is proactive and boosts the customer’s bottom line.

Dave Hinton concluded: “Patrick’s role is integral to our growth in the Americas and delivering the gold-standard service we commit to our customers as their hot-holding partner. I am incredibly excited to see a technical network and service program that can take our true hot-holding to the next level as customer demand continues to rise.”

If you want to change your game and transform how you display high quality hot food-to-go, please contact us.

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