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Look behind the scenes at Flexeserve HQ

Foodservice Equipment Journal was given ‘access all areas’ at Flexeserve’s UK headquarters – the home of true hot-holding.

We recently welcomed Foodservice Equipment Journal (FEJ) to explore our headquarters in Hinckley, UK. We very much enjoyed the FEJ team’s socially distanced visit and discussing the world of opportunities for hot-holding.

The resulting three-page article can be found in the November 2020 issue of their magazine. It includes a ‘peek behind the scenes’ and great insights into the hot food-to-go industry.

Foodservice Equipment Journal showing Flexeserve hot-holding article

Shining a spotlight on our Solution

Amongst other things, the coverage highlights the significance and benefit of our one-of-a-kind hot-holding service, Flexeserve Solution. Our holistic approach comprises FIVE key elements that we’ve identified for achieving true hot-holding, where food temperature and quality are maintained for unrivalled hold times.

The five elements of Flexeserve Solution are your food products, cook method, packaging, in-store service and our technology.

Through this all-encompassing service, we’re unique in our ability to help you create a more efficient and profitable hot food operation.

Flexeserve Solution animated gif showing the 5 key elements required for true hot-holding

Flexeserve CEO, Jamie Joyce said: “Although we’re foodservice equipment manufacturers, what sets us apart – aside from our unique technology – is the wraparound service we offer, which makes us so much more.

“Our products mean a lot to us, but ultimately it’s our clients’ products that really matter and we find the way to best serve them, with our true hot-holding service. We’re the only ones that work this way.”

Flexeserve today, in the words of our CEO

Of the article, Jamie said: “We’re delighted having a publication with the reputation of FEJ visit our HQ for a feature that’s both important and well-timed.

“Not only have we just launched our latest innovation in hot food takeaway, pickup and delivery – Flexeserve Hub, but we’ve also invested significantly in our premises over the past 12 months.”

Continuing on Flexeserve’s year: “Throughout 2020, we’ve continued on the same trajectory that’s seen exponential increase in demand for our products and services, year-on-year. That’s testament to the position that our offer takes ahead of the competition, but also their increased relevance in light of the pandemic.

“Hot-holding and food security have risen in priority within our target markets during this year. This has accelerated some changes that we’d been predicting, and we expect those trends to continue.”

Upgrades to the home of hot-holding

The significant investments referred to by Jamie include, for example, our upgraded despatch facilities. The export dock levelling platforms are yet another step in supporting the growth of Flexeserve internationally, and incorporate:

  • Insulated, fast-action electric doors on all five despatch bays
  • Two export dock levelling platforms, specifically for loading 20ft and 40ft containers
  • Full insulation throughout the facility to reduce the need for heating and lower energy usage
  • New retractable dock shelters to assist with weather sealing the vehicle that’s docked

New Flexeserve export dock levelling platforms to support the growth of Flexeserve internationally

“In addition to this”, Jamie continued, “we’re currently redesigning the production layout to improve the manufacturing flow within our facilities to further increase efficiencies.

“These improvements are enabling us to meet the global demand for our products effectively and efficiently.”

Where can I find the Foodservice Equipment Journal article?

You can open and download the three-page article here or follow the link to the November issue of Foodservice Equipment Journal, where the article can be found on pages 12-14.

In it you’ll find hot, fresh comments from CEO, Jamie Joyce and Customer Experience Director, Warwick Wakefield on the business, our latest innovation – Flexeserve Hub – and what lies ahead!

For more information about Flexeserve products and services, and how they can help transform your hot food business, please get in touch.

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