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Give your bakery offer the sweet smell of success with Flexeserve Zone®

Your business can now easily offer warm sweet bakery products. Through hot-holding, Flexeserve Zone® facilitates that romantic vision of warm ‘fresh from the oven’ breads, pastries and more.

Speciality bread and bakery products are one of the biggest growth categories in food-to-go. Nuttall’s hot-holding solution is enabling businesses to take an innovative approach to their bakery offer by creating a range of warm sweet bakery products to capitalise on the demand for variety in hot food-to-go.

The patented hot air technology of Flexeserve Zone® utilises heating through convection, rather than conduction which quickly degrades the quality of food as many competitor units do.

The solution to hot-holding bread products

Warwick Wakefield, Development Chef for the Foodservice Solutions Division of The Alan Nuttall Partnership, says: “Once we had the solution to effectively hot-hold bread and savoury bakery goods without them deteriorating, it opened up endless possibilities for the market.”

Flexeserve Zone® can hot-hold products at precise serving temperatures without applying excessive heat to them. As such, the unit is capable of keeping delicate bakery products warm and crisp – and at the same time hold other items at different temperatures on other shelves.

Tapping into the sweet tooth

Nuttall’s has seen first-hand that offering your sweet bakery products warm will add value. Flexeserve Zone® can allow you to serve gooey cookies, warm and flakey croissants, pain au raisin and pain au chocolat, brownies that are soft in the centre, melting centre chocolate fondant and doughnuts that feel fresh out of the fryer.

Customers exploring the possibilities of warm sweet treats in Flexeserve Zone® are wide-ranging. They span from luxury brands such as PAUL Bakery, for which hot-holding products have doubled sales, to national supermarkets which have brought bakery items to the front of the store to be sold warm – increasing impulse buys.

A sweet bakery no-brainer

Warwick continues: “For some customers, the bakery section of the supermarket has grown a bit stale, so to speak, but our solution provides an easy fix. You can reinvigorate your bakery offer, and increase food-to-go sales, by taking certain products straight from the oven and placing them in a Flexeserve Zone® unit.

“Many of the major supermarkets are baking on-site daily anyway, so for them, this wouldn’t require a significant adjustment to food preparation or other related logistics.”

Revolutionise your food-to-go

Flexeserve Zone® also allows you to hot-hold delicate savoury products too. The unit can keep a product like a quiche – with its delicate filling and buttery crust – hot and ready to eat, where it would otherwise continue to cook, and ultimately spoil, in a surface-heated unit.

The Flexeserve Zone® unit enables the hot-hold merchandising of a variety of products with different temperature requirements – sweet and savoury, wet and dry. Nuttall’s encourages businesses looking to review their approach to hot-holding and to their bakery product range to get in touch.

For more information about Flexeserve Zone® hot food-to-go solutions and how we can help your business, please contact us.

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