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M&S Foodhall

M&S Foodhall was looking to increase its hot-hold times, in order to grow its hot food-to-go rollout. Prior to our involvement, M&S was able to hot-hold many of its hot food-to-go products for only an hour, resulting in high levels of food wastage and lost revenue.

We also evaluated M&S’s entire approach to hot-holding, including a review of the composition of its food packaging, which led us to introduce them to a new packaging supplier. In our food development kitchen, we worked alongside the M&S food team on the recipes of its products and writing new cooking programmes.

Our equipment and services enabled M&S to extend the shelf life of many of its key hot-hold products up to 4 hours. The result of this was a substantial reduction in valuable man-hours and food wastage, as well as a significant rise in sales.

We continue to work with M&S’s development teams in order to push forward their hot food-to-go arm and ensure that standards are consistently upheld.

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