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Rollover Hot Dogs

As a staple in cinema and entertainment venues, Rollover was looking to increase the hot-holding times of its products, improve quality and make it easier for the staff to serve. So we introduced the Flexeserve Zone® unit to over 100 cinemas and entertainment venues across the UK.

Holding the hot dogs in the Flexeserve Zone® unit increased the hold time by 4 hours, improved visibility, reduced queuing times and reduced energy consumption. These factors significantly decreased food wastage and energy costs, generating a route to a strong return on investment.


DeVere Group

DeVere Group was keen to reduce the number of customers purchasing breakfast from food-to-go outlets in the surrounding area. We were approached to provide a hot-hold solution that would allow customers to purchase hot food-to-go breakfast items from the hotel reception quickly and easily, without having to enter the restaurant for a sit-down meal.

Flexeserve Zone® enabled the hotel chain to offer quick-service breakfast products to its customers, resulting in a significant increase in add-on sales.

For more information about Flexeserve Zone® hot food-to-go solutions and how we can help your business, please contact us.

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