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Flexeserve Hub – true hot-holding designed for the cultural shift

Today, we’re adding an all-new hot-holding unit to the Flexeserve® family – to help operators get a handle on the boom in delivery, takeaway and hot food-to-go.

Flexeserve Hub® enables any hot food business to meet the growing need to hot-hold large quantities of packaged food products, of any shape or size.

We’re all eating differently. Demand for food delivery, takeaway and hot food-to-go is at an all-time high. This has made delivery services become some of the fastest growing brands in 2020, with many having to adjust their operating models to accommodate this growth.

A revelation fit for the cultural shift

Flexeserve Hub® is a spacious, enclosed hot-holding unit that will unlock groundbreaking opportunities for both front and back-of-house, through true hot-holding. Combined with our all-encompassing Flexeserve® Solution, we’ll help you improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction with shorter wait times and unrivalled food quality.

Jamie Joyce, Chief Executive of Flexeserve®, said: “We’re incredibly excited about what Flexeserve Hub® is going to do for businesses, globally.

“We’re talking to customers on a daily basis about the ‘cultural shift in foodservice’, and we truly believe that’s what’s happening with the quick-serve market. All businesses are having to adapt to meet the growing demand for hot food – and Flexeserve Hub® will transform pickup, delivery and so much more.”

Food delivery orders packaged and hot-held in Flexeserve Hub®

Capacity is key

Size matters. Where hot-holding is concerned, high capacity and flexibility lead to so many possibilities. That’s exactly what’s been achieved with Flexeserve Hub® – it’s engineered to offer the maximum internal volume for its small footprint.

Flexeserve Hub® utilises our unique hot air technology to ensure consistency of a single temperature, even in its spacious three-dimensional volume, for hot-holding large quantities of product. It can hold up to 60 large boxed pizzas, 140 food orders – packed up and ready to go – or up to 140 whole rotisserie chickens.

Time to reinvent back-of-house

Over recent years, our industry-leading Flexeserve Zone® has enabled many businesses to enhance or even reimagine their front-of-house operations. Flexeserve Hub® is ideal for Ghost Kitchens, Takeaways, Restaurants and many more. It unlocks the opportunities to stage your pickup and delivery orders, hot and ready to be collected and served as they were intended.

Warwick Wakefield, Customer Experience Director at Flexeserve®, said: “Utilising Flexeserve Hub® in your kitchen will help streamline your efficiencies for this cultural shift because it’s the only unit developed for hot-holding packaged food and delivery orders rather than just ingredients.

“With Flexeserve Hub®, you can prepare scheduled orders and bestsellers, then keep them fully packaged at the correct temperature. This means that food orders are always ready and hot, reducing wait time for customers and delivery drivers – as well as minimising pressure in the kitchen.”

Its simplicity and versatility also make it the perfect partner for ‘feeding’ a front-of-house Flexeserve Zone®, which provides a flexible temperature setup in individual zones – all within one display.

Flexeserve hot-holding unit in the kitchen with girl preparing food delivery orders

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is more important than ever before – negative online reviews are simply bad for business.

Warwick continued: “One of the top complaints to food delivery operators is fries arriving soggy and cold. With Flexeserve Hub®, that doesn’t have to be the case, fries can await collection – hot, fresh and crisp like you’ve never seen before.

“Flexeserve Hub® will improve customer satisfaction by maintaining the quality of your products at the point of customer pickup or collection for delivery. That’s before utilising it to proactively improve your efficiencies, which will increase sales and enhance the overall customer experience.”

Maximum versatility

The sheer capacity of Flexeserve Hub® opens up a variety of opportunities for front-of-house too – from creating a rotisserie and dinner to-go destination in supermarkets, to a self-service concept – such as Micro Markets – within a small footprint.

With its flexible shelving that can be moved up and down – or even angled – and a dedicated set of accessories for a wide range of products, Flexeserve Hub® has been developed with maximum versatility to meet the demands of an evolving market.

You’ll adore the door!

Powered with our unique technology, we’ve made Flexeserve Hub® an enclosed unit with self-closing doors. They feature double-glazing, integrated smart LED lighting and a system that alerts store staff if the door remains open too long – making Flexeserve Hub® unrivalled in its energy efficiency.

Girl taking rotisserie chicken box out of Flexeserve hot food-to-go unit in supermarket

Love the Hub?

It’s available now in UK, Europe and Oceania, and will also be available in other territories in the near future.

For more information about Flexeserve Hub® and how it can help transform your hot food business, please get in touch.

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