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Unique air recirculation technology

Flexeserve Zone® uses convection technology rather than relying on outdated contact heat. Hot air is continually circulated throughout the entire volume of each zone and creates a consistent and stable environment for your products.

This unique foodservice technology creates an even distribution of air within each zone means food does not continue to cook, unlike in heated units that use conduction that acts like a hot plate. In Flexeserve Zone®, food to go is held at the appropriate temperature and product integrity is maintained – no hard bottoms, no soggy tops.


Air curtains

Tight air curtains created by Flexeserve Zone® retain the hot air within the unit, despite being an open-fronted display.

They prevent heat loss at the front of the unit, making it tolerant to lower environmental store temperatures and negating the unit’s impact on ambient store conditions.

Along with industry-leading insulation, the air curtains also create ‘thermally discreet’ shelves or zones within the unit.

The video below shows how this thermal barrier maintains zones at different temperatures to suit the specific requirements of food products being held. These features are unique to Flexeserve Zone® and cannot be facilitated by competing units.


Flexeserve Zone® features a user-friendly control panel which makes it easy to create the different temperature zones you require within the unit. Zones can also be switched off independently to suit different trading patterns throughout the day, to save energy and utilise display space for ambient products.

Watch our video

Watch the video below to discover more about our unique technology.


Each shelf is insulated to prevent heat transfer from the zone below to the zone above. Each shelf is also connected to the side glass panels, further inhibiting the movement of hot air. Double-glazed side panels prevent heat escaping through the sides of the unit, as well as ensuring that there are no hot external surfaces.

Easy to clean and maintain

Surface-heated units can be notoriously hard to clean. This type of foodservice technology requires the surface of each shelf to get so hot as to keep products warm, and surfaces are very rarely flat. Flexeserve Zone® provides flat, easy-to-clean surfaces that do not reach the same temperatures as those in a surface-heated unit.

With competitor units, if one element breaks, they all break and the unit goes down. The modular ‘plug-and-go’ foodservice technology of the Flexeserve Zone® unit allows you to quickly and easily replace an individual element with minimum disruption to service, whilst the rest of the unit remains operational.

Flexeserve Zone® patents

Flexeserve Zone® is patented in many international territories. Its patent numbers are as follows:

WO2014072693, WO2015044637, EP2916692, EP3048931, GB2509207, GB2518524, US2016213168, US2016235218, HK1193011, CA2925157, AU2014326399.

For further information about our foodservice technology or if you require more specific information concerning our food to go solutions, please contact us on 01455 638300 or click here to see how we can help.

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