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Flexeserve Inc. marks six months of success

Dave Hinton, President of Flexeserve Inc. has been building an expert team to deliver the brand’s unique, trademark support.

The latest addition to this team is Office Manager, Katie Brewer who is assisting with the overall growth strategy and spearheading the creation of its U.S. HQ.

The world-leading hot-holding manufacturer has been developing the presence of its game-changing equipment and expertise across the Americas.

Dave Hinton, a highly respected foodservice executive, has been in post for six months, leading the brand’s strategy for the territory and transforming the way American operators serve and sell hot food.

Dave Hinton, President - Flexeserve Inc.
Dave Hinton, President – Flexeserve Inc.

When Dave’s appointment was announced in November 2022, it marked a major milestone in Flexeserve’s global evolution and a landmark in the brand’s strategy to establish itself in the U.S. Since then, the company has made major headway and is in the process of establishing its U.S. HQ in Southlake (Dallas) TX, which will have its official launch later this year.

Events such as exhibitions are a vital part of Flexeserve’s sales and marketing strategy, giving an opportunity for operators to experience its sophisticated technology and benefits firsthand. Flexeserve Inc. has already enjoyed great success at exhibitions in the U.S., most notably NACS and NAFEM, both of which generated major interest from a diverse range of hot food retailers.

To realize this growing demand, Dave is developing a strong sales infrastructure in parallel. This has involved building out a network of carefully selected approved rep partners that will extend the full Flexeserve experience to customers throughout the MAFSI regions.

[L-R] The growing Flexeserve Inc. team: Katie Brewer – Office Manager; Adam Dyer – Director of Culinary; Dave Hinton, CFSP – President; Patrick Walker – VP of Technical Service
[L-R] The growing Flexeserve Inc. team: Katie Brewer – Office Manager; Adam Dyer – Director of Culinary; Dave Hinton, CFSP – President; Patrick Walker – VP of Technical Service
Hinton said: “These first six months have flown by – the momentum and level of activity has been fantastic. We’ve seen significant progress in many areas, driven by our spectacular team of experts who have delivered straight off the bat. Our VP of Technical Service, Patrick Walker, and our Director of Culinary, Adam Dyer are now joined by Katie Brewer as our Office Manager. Together, we’re functioning like a well-oiled machine.

“Collaborating regularly with our team in the UK and exploring the British grab and go market – which is more advanced than here in the U.S. – has been a major catalyst in helping us understand and communicate how Flexeserve changes the game.”

Katie Brewer – the latest vital piece of a growing team

As the building of Flexeserve Inc.’s team continues, it welcomes Katie Brewer as Office Manager. Highly experienced in management and operations, Katie has a diverse career where she has developed expertise in client and financial management. This breadth of knowledge makes her an ideal strategic addition for the company, with responsibilities that extend well beyond the typical remit for her position.

Katie Brewer, Office Manager – Flexeserve Inc.
Katie Brewer, Office Manager – Flexeserve Inc.

Katie is supporting Flexeserve Inc.’s sales and marketing functions and is also playing an instrumental role in the creation of Flexeserve HQ, which will feature a state-of the-art Culinary Support Center.

Brewer said: “I’m delighted to join this amazing team, and we have some exciting challenges ahead of us as we establish this incredible brand’s rightful place at the forefront of the American foodservice market.

“I’m passionate about solving complex problems and empowering a team’s progress through excellent organization. This is perfect for Flexeserve, and I couldn’t apply my breadth of skills like this anywhere else.

“I take great pride in being part of something revolutionary. The facility we are creating here in Dallas is unlike anything our market has ever seen. The only comparable location is 5,000 miles away – at Flexeserve’s Global HQ in the UK!”

Building the nerve center

Located less than 10 minutes from DFW Airport, Flexeserve’s forthcoming 8,000 sq ft U.S. HQ will offer its customers and independent rep partners the freedom to utilize its facilities and in-house team of world experts – with the latest digital technologies for remote collaboration.

Adam Dyer, Director of Culinary leading a packaging demonstration in the Culinary Support Center
Adam Dyer, Director of Culinary leading a packaging demonstration in the Culinary Support Center

The Culinary Support Center’s commercial demonstration kitchen will include a carefully selected range of industry-leading commercial kitchen equipment, making it intuitive for any visiting menu-development team. This area will be the focal point of Flexeserve Solution, the industry’s only answer to developing an optimized hot food operation.

Past, present and future

Hinton concluded: “I’m thrilled with the progress we’re making on Flexeserve Inc.’s HQ. It’s going to be a stunning and inspiring destination for operators when it opens later in the year. I cannot wait to welcome customers to the Culinary Support Center where Chef Adam and his team will help them embrace our unique, true hot-holding – smoothly, efficiently and profitably.”

“Katie’s work on making this a reality is testament to her passion and capabilities. The commitment and support she has already given to the rest of our team in such a short timescale is incredible. We’re achieving more – more quickly – with her onboard.

“These next six months will round out my first year at the helm of Flexeserve Inc. We’re immensely proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and, as we progress with our strategy for the Americas, we’re excited about the endless opportunities for our products.

“We’re helping operators across the Americas sell more and waste less, and only we have the equipment and expertise to make it happen. If you want to change your hot food game forever, get in touch.”

If you want to change your game and transform how you display high quality hot food-to-go, please contact us.

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