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We work closely with customers on their menu – offering a combination of food innovation and advice on how to alter existing items, to help them perform better within Flexeserve Zone®.

Food items that tend to require product development are those that are affected negatively by heat. We’re able to achieve solutions, within a product’s recipe, to many of these issues because of our extensive knowledge of ingredient characteristics.

Bread products, in particular, can become dry and stale in the wrong conditions, and even become soggy in the wrong packaging solution. We know the right changes to make to bread recipes in order to maintain the integrity and freshness of your products.

Our unique menu development also means that we can hold French fries for just over 90 minutes whilst keeping them crispy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside.

Eggs are another challenge in the hot food-to-go industry, but we’ve mastered the art. We can comfortably hot-hold a poached egg in Flexeserve Zone®, and maintain a beautifully runny yolk, for two hours.

Customers also approach us for a menu consulting service offering tailored solutions to address sales gaps, expand day-part menus, as well as introducing a grab and go offering. For example, we have advised a number of customers on the developing hot food-to-go opportunities – home time commuters. For this market, we have developed new ranges of sweet treats including doughnuts and brownies, ideal for the journey home. In addition to this, we have also worked with customers to develop seasonal menu items, including turkey sandwiches for Christmas and pumpkin soup around Halloween.

Alongside our menu development, we offer customers a whole package including packaging and operational support to enable their hot food-to-go offering in their store to be a success.

Getting the right combination of product, packaging, store operation and equipment is crucial to achieving the high standards that our customers expect.

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