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VP of Sales joins Flexeserve to bring new technology to American customers

Michael Torrescano joins Flexeserve Inc. to directly help customers sell more and waste less and to support the manufacturer’s incredible network of approved rep partners, authorised dealers and distributors.

The Home of Hot-holding in the U.S. has welcomed to its team of experts a new VP of Sales to capitalise on the growing demand for its unique foodservice equipment and expertise.

With his extensive operator experience, followed by 12 years in foodservice equipment sales, Michael’s impressive career makes him the ideal choice for Flexeserve and its customers.

Meet Michael Torrescano

Michael has worked across the entire spectrum of foodservice, from food distribution and culinary, to commercial kitchen equipment and operations. This gives him a tremendous understanding of operator requirements and challenges, as well as current trends across the industry – invaluable for helping customers sell more and waste less.

Michael Torrescano, VP of Sales – Flexeserve Inc.
Michael Torrescano, VP of Sales – Flexeserve Inc.

Michael said: “I’m thrilled to be part of the Flexeserve team and put this amazing technology in the hands of American customers. I fully understand the magnitude of what this technology and the Flexeserve Solution can do for retailers and operators, both front and back-of-house.”

Prior to joining Flexeserve, the highly respected sales executive progressed quickly at Rational, world leader in commercial kitchen equipment and frequent partners with Flexeserve, both in customer kitchens and at exhibitions. At Rational, Michael was awarded Newcomer of the Year, Salesperson of the Year, and was the Global Club of Champions Winner.

Michael continued: “As a salesperson, I’m acutely driven to succeed but, for me, it’s not just about numbers. For me to be successful, that requires my customers to succeed. Equipping them with the best equipment in the foodservice industry is what makes that happen. I’ve been privileged to work for market leaders in foodservice equipment and that’s definitely true with Flexeserve as my new home.”

Fuel in the engine

Michael joins a fantastically talented team at Flexeserve Inc. that includes Dave Hinton, CFSP – President, Adam Dyer – Director of Culinary, Patrick Walker – VP of Technical Service and Katie Brewer – Office Manager. These experts are establishing the company’s U.S. HQ in Southlake, (Dallas) TX, less than 10 mins from DFW Airport.

Michael Torrescano joins Flexeserve Inc.’s team of experts as VP of Sales alongside Dave Hinton, CFSP – President, Patrick Walker – VP of Technical Service, Adam Dyer – Director of Culinary and Katie Brewer – Office Manager
Michael Torrescano joins Flexeserve Inc.’s team of experts as VP of Sales alongside [L-R] Katie Brewer – Office Manager, Adam Dyer – Director of Culinary, Dave Hinton, CFSP – President and Patrick Walker – VP of Technical Service.
Officially launching next month, this ‘stunning and inspiring facility’ features a state-of-the-art Culinary Support Center that customers and partners can use alongside Flexeserve’s in-house team of world experts – with the latest digital technologies for remote collaboration.

Dave Hinton, President of Flexeserve Inc, said: “I’m delighted to have Michael on board – his operator and manufacturer-side experience make him exactly who we need to support our customers, approved rep partners, authorised dealers and distributors.

“Flexeserve has generated a lot of heat across the market – through our online presence, exhibiting at major events and word of mouth spreading the unrivalled benefits we deliver. The number of operators becoming excited by our technology is phenomenal, and I know Michael will translate this into sales – expediting the process so operators can start selling more, wasting less and gaining a competitive edge within their markets.”

A Flexeserve Zone unit offering a variety of hot grab and go
A Flexeserve Zone unit offering a variety of hot grab and go

For the operator … and the guest

North America is the world’s largest market for foodservice equipment, with the industry frequently taking a while to adopt new technologies and processes.

Michael said: “While the U.S. has some incredible technology, we also look towards Europe for inspiration – with its greatly advanced food-to-go cultures. That’s the world where Flexeserve products were designed, and they’re not just for quick serve restaurants either. I want to see Flexeserve revolutionise the hot food of every retailer, gas station, school cafeteria, and sports stadium in the country.”

Table spread showing the variety of food that Flexeserve's industry-leading equipment is capable of hot-holding
A variety of food-to-go from the industry-leading Flexeserve Zone

“This is an unmissable opportunity to improve quality for the consumer, all while achieving better efficiencies and energy usage, reducing food waste and increasing sales.

“Only Flexeserve delivers true hot-holding, where the temperature and quality of hot food is maintained for hours not minutes. This means you can provide the same amazing experience to all of your guests, from the first of the day to the last.

“We achieve all this through our unique defining proposition, Flexeserve Solution, the industry’s only answer to developing an optimised hot food operation. Flexeserve’s experts help operators embrace true hot-holding with ease, so they can transform their entire hot food programme smoothly, efficiently and profitably.”

Flexeserve Solution – supporting operators through Technology, Food, Culinary, Packaging, Implement and Connect
Flexeserve Solution – supporting operators through Technology, Food, Culinary, Packaging, Implement and Connect

Straight to sales

In addition to its network of approved reps, authorised dealers and distributors, Flexeserve also supports customers directly – something Michael is delighted he can offer to customers that want to work differently.

Michael concluded: “Every day I wake up excited because it’s such a pleasure to be working with this brilliant team, empowered by Dave, our President. Our scope extends to working with operators right across the Americas and being fluent in Spanish, I’m looking forward to exploring the tremendous potential that Latin America also holds for us. Flexeserve works in all hot food languages!”

If you want to change your game and transform how you display high quality hot food-to-go, please contact us.

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