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We are committed to delivering environmentally considerate products that improve efficiency and reduce consumption and wastage of energy and resources.

By considering a variety of factors, we work to reduce the carbon footprint of our heated display units. Flexeserve Zone® is designed to help you sell more and waste less:

  • Innovative energy saving features.
  • Reduced thermal impact on store environment.
  • Reduced food waste.
  • Reduced single-use plastic packaging.
  • Promoting and co-developing recyclable and compostable food packaging.


The Flexeserve Zone® unit uses the least amount of power per square metre of display area of any hot-holding system. Whilst using the least amount of energy, the patented heating process also preserves the quality of the product displayed better than any other unit on the market.

The ability to turn off any of the zones within the unit independently, during the trading cycle, means that the unit only uses the energy required for the number of products being sold in that part of the day. This ensures that there is no waste of energy, where empty shelves are still heated.

Some heated display units have a detrimental impact on the sales environment. As the design of the Flexeserve Zone® unit features short air curtain technologies, the amount of energy sacrificed to the environment is minimised. This means that air conditioning and extraction systems do not need to be adjusted to accommodate the Flexeserve Zone® unit as an additional heat source within a room. Furthermore, it means that heat loss from the front of the Flexeserve Zone® unit – which represents wasted energy – is minimised.


As the Flexeserve Zone® units hold products safely, and at a higher quality for longer, there is minimum food wastage. With our existing customers, we have found that the increased quality of their hot food-to-go offering has led to growth in repeat and new customers, and increased product sell-outs.

We have worked extensively with packaging suppliers to establish ‘Flexeserve Zone® ready’ packaging that complements the hot air systems utilised within the unit. This packaging allows us to create the best possible environments for your products, covering an immensely diverse range of food types. By focusing on recyclable and sustainable packaging, the partnership between packaging and equipment has never been more environmentally friendly.

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