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With the ever-increasing consumer appetite for hot food-to-go, we recognise that demand for a diverse menu and consumer expectations are constantly rising.

Consumers are in search of food that is visually appealing, with a ‘just-cooked’ taste and texture. They expect an offering of a variety of hot products spanning the full day part menus … breakfast, snacks, lunch, sweet treats, and evening meals.

However, many of the hot-holding solutions currently on the market fall short of what’s required. Limited by their technology, other heated display units negatively affect the integrity of the food from the moment it’s placed inside, meaning that products lack quality in terms of taste and texture.

Food continues to cook because traditional hot-holding technology is unable to preserve product quality, as it creates a hostile environment. Bread products dry out or become moist, soups and stews develop a skin, and delicate products such as eggs and pastries are unsuitable in these units.

Products in this negative condition cannot ensure customer loyalty and, therefore, repeat sales fall.

People are working longer hours and, as a result, have less time to cook for themselves.

Our philosophy

The philosophy behind Flexeserve Zone® is to provide flexible hot food to go merchandising in one unit. We achieve this with our industry-leading, patented airflow technology which delivers true hot-holding. Our technology enables you to hold a wider variety of products as they are intended, for far longer.

Nuttalls has always strived for innovation and continues to do so. Our search for the best solution for hot-holding has brought us here. We are continuously improving our products, and innovating within the hot-holding industry. We have created a product that’s safer, more efficient and – above all else – more effective than its competitors.

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