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Using our laboratory, we can simulate the thermal environments in which our units may be placed, and evaluate the performance of each of your products within a Flexeserve Zone® unit.

Now specified by many of the UK’s leading food retailers, Flexeserve Zone® has been 20 years in the making.

Having initially been developed from our TurboServe T1, which was the world’s first heated display unit, Flexeserve Zone® is now at the forefront of hot-hold technology. Over time, we have refined the pioneering hot air technology through rigorous testing methods and a unique standard for testing, which we ourselves have developed.

Our team, led by our world-leading design engineer, builds and tests new retail food-to-go concepts for our clients, to map out the physicality of the sales process and simulate the exacting conditions of their particular serving environment.

A thirst for improvement and a need to stay ahead of the competition mean that we are always looking for ways to enhance our units. Our research and development team works to refine our technology, making advances in efficiency, reliability and quality.

Creating a standard

Currently, heated food display units do not have to conform to any standard tests, and therefore, the end customer has no real knowledge as to the ability of the unit to keep their food products within safe temperatures for the required time.

Nuttalls, alongside the Foodservice Network and the BSI, has been in the process of creating a PAS standard to evaluate the performance of heated food display units in environments that can compromise performance.

We have developed a standardised environmental chamber where food product temperatures can be monitored whilst the display unit is being ‘stressed’.

By establishing a standard for hot-holding equipment, the end customer can be reassured that even if the shop conditions are cold, the units that have passed the standard would still perform safely.

There are plenty of additional benefits of creating a standard for hot-holding. These include eliminating any dangerously hot surfaces and ensuring that the energy requirements of a unit are limited, with the unit graded against an A, B or C energy level.

It was our vision, determination and the talent of our team that led to us receiving the Innovation Award within The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in 2005.

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