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We have made significant investments and improvements to our assembly lines to ensure we meet demand without compromising on quality or safety. This commitment continues through our testing area, where we test every unit before despatch.

Our dedicated and highly skilled workforce shares our passion for creating an ethical and effective product and, together, we are focused on delivering a high quality service for you. Within our post-production testing area, we have implemented a quality control process that ensures efficiency, reliability and safety.


Every Flexeserve Zone® unit is assembled by hand in our headquarters in Hinckley, England, by highly skilled engineers. The unit is made from the highest quality components because Flexeserve Zone® is the sum of its parts.

Flexeserve Zone® is designed to be easily operated and consumer friendly. The unit is manufactured in compliance with ETL Intertek standards and CE (Conformité Européenne). This provides complete assurance that Flexeserve Zone® meets the requirements of strict health and safety legislation.


Thorough end-of-line testing is integral to our vision for Flexeserve Zone®. Our unit and the accompanying service are designed to provide an unparalleled hot-holding solution with absolute reliability. This includes providing equipment that can be depended upon, requiring little or no technical maintenance.

We rigorously test a variety of factors, including the integrity of components and the performance of the unit. Performance testing includes assessing resilience to sales environment conditions, such as ‘cold aisle syndrome’, and the ability of Flexeserve Zone® to achieve uniform heat distribution across every product on the shelf. We’re transparent on testing and will provide all test data on request.

Environmental responsibility

We are committed to being ahead of the industry throughout our business and there is no exception with the environment. For more information, please see our environmental policy.

We are pioneering the techniques and standards within this industry, with the world's only cold testing lab for hot-hold units.

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